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Christopher Bruce2012-06-14 17:36:12

LMP1 Rules for 2014 Made Official by ACO

Expect more hybrids in the future with significantly more power

Automobile Club de l'Ouest and FIA have officially confirmed the regulations for the LMP1 class for 2014. The major change is that the organizations are opening up the rules in regards to engines making it easier to compete with a hybrid car. The more powerful the hybrid system in the car, the less fuel it will be able to carry. That means that teams will have to balance energy recovery and fuel economy.

The ACO and FIA also banned open-cockpit cars, raised the seating position, mandated a larger windshield and narrowed the cars by 100mm. They will also have to use wheel tethers and rear crash boxes. 

The 2014 rules state that a car with a 2 megajoule hybrid system will be allowed to carry 4.8 liters of gasoline per lap or 3.93 liters of diesel per lap. A car with an 8 megajoule hybrid system will be allowed to carry 4.42 liter of gasoline and 3.56 liters of diesel. These rule changes represent a massive increase in the size of the hybrid systems allowed on LMP1 cars. This season the cars are limited to 500 kilojoule hybrid recovery systems, which is a quarter of the amount that will be allowed in the future 2mJ system. The joule ratings tell the amount of energy that the cars can recover between specific zones on the track. 

Non-hybrid cars will have 4.95 liters of gasoline available per lap or 3.99 liters of diesel. 

According to the ACO, the LMP1 cars in 2014 will be 30% more fuel efficient and just as fast if not faster than current cars. 

The ACO and FIA decided on the joule rating because it can be balanced across a variety of hybrid systems. Either electric or flywheel hybrids can adhere to the rule. 

Taken in total, the new rules will lead to slightly smaller coupes with better visibility and equal or faster lap times. 

Source: Autosport

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Top Speed
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