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Lexus Goes Angular with Its LF-NX Compact Crossover Concept

The interior uses a huge touch pad for the controls

Lexus Goes Angular with Its LF-NX Compact Crossover Concept

Whatever team penned the LexusLexusLexusJapan, 1989 > present26 models
1502 photos
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LF-NX concept is clearly a fan of sharp, angular lines. Lexus design remained fairly boring almost since the beginning, but it is clearly trying to get away from that image with its LF-NX compact crossover concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The LF-NX certainly does not look like any other compact crossover every shown.

The look of the LF-NX is difficult to describe but busy seems to apply best. The eye does not know where to look first.

From the front, it has a huge version of the Lexus spindle grill that takes up most of the front of the car. In the corners of the spindle, the LF-NX has narrow LED lights that make the car look absolutely furious. To either side of the grill there are huge brake cooling ducts.

The fenders have heavy, box flairs with sharp lines. At the lower portion of the rear door, there is a triangular connection to the fender flair that catches the eye but does not appear to serve a purpose.

It looks like it could cut you, if you touch it.

It looks like it could cut you, if you touch it.

© photo courtesy of: Lexus

The rear echoes the front with vertical ducts behind the rear wheels that echo the front brake cooling ducts. The taillights have the same sharp, narrow look as the headlights.

Lexus has not gone into any deep detail about the LF-NX’s powertrain. It simply says that it uses a new version of Toyota’sToyotaToyotaJapan, 1937 > present155 models
4668 photos
10 videos
hybrid system that has been tuned for a crossover.

The car is painted in Brushed Metal Silver that is meant to make the car appear that it has been carved from a single piece of solid metal.

The car is not just segment breaking outside; the interior is unlike any other as well. There is a massive touch-sensitive matt on the center console for all of the controls. Lexus calls it the Remote Touch Interface. In a way, it is the natural evolution of the clickable mouse that Lexus currently uses, but being just a simple blue matt is a much more revolutionary look.

It is upholstered in black and yellow leather with contrasting stitching and blue accent lighting.

According to Lexus, the LF-NX concept is research for a future crossover and rumors indicated that the Rav4Rav4 Gen.4Toyota Rav4 Gen.4Japan, 2013 > present25 versions
41 photos
-based Lexus would use the name NX. It is unlikely that the car will actually look this radical, but it is cool to see that Lexus is willing to experiment.





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