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Christopher Bruce2012-10-03 13:55:48

Lamborghini Aventador Updated with Ultracapacitor Stop/Start

The Aventador gets a sharper suspension and new wheels in addition to improved fuel economy

LamborghiniLamborghiniLamborghiniItaly, 1963 > present32 models
1455 photos
19 videos
is updating the AventadorAventadorLamborghini AventadorItaly, 2011 > present18 versions
100 photos
3 videos
for 2013. The power and looks of the car remain the same, but buyers will see a significant improvement in fuel economy. The new Aventador will be the first road car to use an ultracapacitor-based start/stop system. It will also have cylinder deactivation. The systems reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

The ultracapacitor system scavenges power during braking. When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the engine stops running; the ultracapcitors restart the engine in 180 milliseconds. The rest of the car's functions are powered by the conventional battery. The only other vehicle that uses ultracapacitors to improve power is the Toyota TS030TS030 HYBRIDToyota TS030 HYBRIDJapan, 2012 > present5 photos
2 videos

Ultracapacitors charge and recharge quickly, and they are significantly lighter than a battery. For their size, they hold more energy than a battery would. They also don't lose their ability to charge over time, as batteries do.

The downside is that they do not hold power the same way. An ultracapacitor will discharge all of its power quickly but will not vary in state of charge. However, this makes them perfect for something like a start/stop system that requires a significant amount of power quickly. 

The cylinder deactivation system works at below 135km/h and during low engine loads. The system deactivates an entire bank of cylinders, turning the Aventador from a V12 into a straight-six. 

The systems improve fuel economy to 16l/100km in the combined cycle from the previous 17.2l/100km. Emissions are down to 370g/km of CO2 from 398g/km of CO2. The advantages are even more noticeable at highway speeds where Lamborghini says the Aventador is 20% more efficient. 

The Aventador is also getting stiffer springs and new forged alloy wheels. There is also a new carbon fiber reinforced plastic trim package, adding a front spoiler, air intakes, engine cover panel, powertrain cladding and interior trim all made from CFRP.

Aventador LP 700-4Aventador LP 700-4
V 12 (60º vee)
397 cu in
Top Speed
217 mph
7, automated manual transmission
Maximum power
700 hp @ 8250 rpm
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
13.67 US MPG
$ 394.674
* based on United Kingdom prices
annual ownership cost
$ 5.789




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