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Kia Working on Soul EV to Launch in Second Half of 2014

It is slated to have a 200km range

The Soul EV will be based on the second generation Soul

KiaKiaKiaRepublic of Korea, 1944 > present52 models
1764 photos
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and HyundaiHyundaiHyundaiRepublic of Korea, 1967 > present79 models
1954 photos
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are still quite young in the hybrid and electric car segment, but the only way to build experience is to work with the technology. Kia is developing an EV version of the SoulSoul Gen.2Kia Soul Gen.2Republic of Korea, 2013 > present10 versions
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that it plans to put on sale in the second half of 2014.

The Soul EV is slated to have a 200km (124 miles) range when it goes on sale and will use a 109hp and 210lb-ft (285Nm) electric motor with a 27kWh lithium-ion battery.

It will be able hit 100km/h in around 12 seconds and have a top speed of 145km/h (90mph). Battery charging is predicted to take five hours from a 240v or 230v outlet.

“Although it is Kia’s first globally-sold all-electric vehicle, the Soul EV is our second-generation battery electric vehicle and significantly benefits from our in-depth experience gained from development of the Ray EVRay EVKia Ray EVRepublic of Korea, 2012 > present3 photos
and proven daily operations of the Ray EV fleet for the past three years,” said Thomas Oh, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Corporation.

The styling of the car is basically identical to the new, second-generation Soul. It will get LED rear lights and LED turn signals to save power and specially designed, aerodynamic 16in wheels. It will come with regenerative braking and coasting to maximize range. Inside, it will have a unique instrument panel and come standard with an 8in infotainment screen.

Kia says that testing of the Soul EV is ongoing in Europe, North America and Korea.

Soul Gen.2Soul Gen.2




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