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2012-09-07 12:34:08

Kia Focusing on Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Kia thinks it could have a fuel cell on the market by 2015

KiaKiaKiaRepublic of Korea, 1944 > present52 models
1764 photos
4 videos
wants to become a greener automaker. It is working on hybrid and fuel cell vehicles for the near future. In fact Kia already has some pure electric and hybrid vehicles on sale in some markets. It is working to have a fuel cell ready by 2015. 

Kia experimented with an electric Vesta van 25 years ago and sold an electric version of the SportageSportageKia SportageRepublic of Korea, 1994 > present1 photo
in 1999 in some markets. In 2011, it began testing 2,500 electric versions of its RayRay ConceptKia Ray ConceptRepublic of Korea, 2010 > present3 photos
city car to be used by government agencies in Korea. The car is built on the same production line at the standard petrol version. It has an 86-mile range and recharged at a fast charger in 25 minutes. It takes six hours from a standard outlet. 

In Korea, Kia also sells a hybrid version of the ForteForteKia ForteRepublic of Korea, 2009 > 201313 versions
32 photos
that runs on liquid petroleum gas and has a 15kW electric motor. It emits 94g/km of CO2. It will build a version of the PicantoPicanto Gen.2Kia Picanto Gen.2Republic of Korea, 2011 > present56 versions
49 photos
with this powertrain in the future. 

In the US, Kia offers an Optima hybridOptima HybridKia Optima HybridRepublic of Korea, 2011 > present4 photos
that combines a 2.4-liter petrol engine and a 30kW electric motor with a six-speed automatic gearbox. 

Kia is also working on a fuel cell vehicle. It experimented with a fuel cell SportageSportage Gen.3 [III]Kia Sportage Gen.3 [III]Republic of Korea, 2010 > present67 versions
79 photos
and BorregoBorregoKia BorregoRepublic of Korea, 2008 > present9 versions
23 photos
in the past. It thinks that it can have a production version ready in 2015. The problem with fuel cells is their cost and lack of fueling infrastructure. 

In the near future, Kia will operate a test fleet of fuel cell vehicles in Europe. 





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