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Italdesign Giugiaro Finally Breaks Cover with Large Gullwing Doors

Italdesign Giugiaro Finally Breaks Cover with Large Gullwing Doors

Italdsign Giugiaro is 90.1% owned by Volkswagen Group; so it is not surprise that its new Brivido concept car is based on VW running gear. The Brivido has been teased for nearly a month, and we finally get to find out about the car. The car appears to be a sports coupe at first look, but actually it has large, gullwing doors on both sides that open to a full, four-seat car. 

Brivido means 'thrill' in Italian, and there is not doubt that the car is thrilling to look at. From the front, it almost has a bit of Lamborghini DNA with a low sharp nose, but on either side there are rows of LEDs for headlights. The front is also dominated by a V-shaped gash in the hood in a contrasting silver color with a small power bulge in the middle. There are also just the slightest vestiges of a double-bubble roof on the top of the car. From the profile, the car is dominated by its special doors. There is a shoulder like that starts like a normal car, but abruptly stops just behind the front seats. Otherwise the entire door area is glass and allows viewers to look right into the car. The rear is dominated by the tail lights that look like red gashes into the Brivido's rear. Each of the four is separated and point the eye into the car's center. 

Inside, the driver is surrounded by digital screens including two screens on either side of the steering wheel that replace the side-view mirrors. The instruments and HVAC controls are all on digital screens. 

“This is an exercise to show a vehicle that delivers awesome sports car performance in an eco-friendly manner, to show great technological content, and above all to have superb comfort. Today true luxury is all about travelling in comfort. Following the research into city cars, this year I wanted to test myself with a GT which is 4.98 metres long and capable of reaching speeds of up to 275 km/h. I would not say the Brivido is a dream car—after all, this is not an object which is destined to remain an unachievable dream. My intention has always been to design something which is close to industrial reality and can easily be released into the market," said Giorgetto Guigiaro.

Italdesign claims that the Brivido would accelerate to 100km/h in 5.8 seconds with a top speed of 275km/h. It uses a supercharged 3.0l V6 with a 35hp electric motor for a total output of 300hp and emissions of 154g/km of CO2. It uses an eight-speed automatic transmission. 

V 6
183 cu in
Top Speed
171 mph
8, Automatic
Maximum power
360 hp
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost

1 comment

Boring, not pretty, I'm sounding like one of the Muppets old men today but only the Lambo J as got my attention
06.03.2012 @ 17:04


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