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Incorporating Apple iOS 7 into Cars a Major Challenge for Automakers

Automakers want to define their brand with their own look

The iOS 7 in car system will be ready for 2014

At its Tuesday press conference, Apple announced that it had developed a special version of its iOS mobile operating system to be incorporated into cars. Using voice commands, the operating system allows users to plat music, make calls, read messages and get navigation directions. While several major automakers have already signed on to use the service, VolkswagenVolkswagenVolkswagenGermany, 1938 > present98 models
9787 photos
31 videos
Group, BMWBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8655 photos
43 videos
and FordFordFordUnited States of America, 1903 > present92 models
2550 photos
11 videos
will not be using the tech any time soon. 

For Volkswagen Group and BMW, the season is relatively simple. They have already shown technology for the very near future that will incorporate navigation into the car's engine and suspension management systems.

PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4654 photos
29 videos
says that its system will be ready by 2016 and be able to know what is coming ahead from the maps stored in the navigation. It will be able to adapt the car's engine management and adaptive suspension accordingly by knowing the steepness of the road ahead and the radius of corners. BMW says that it has similar technology coming. 

"While we have the most robust iPhone integration, we think in the industry today, we're also very careful about what we provide access to. That's why, for example, we have a very thorough vetting process for third-party apps that we put forward for integration in the cars," said BMW Spokesperson David Buchko.

Ford's case is somewhat different. While has not said that it is working on the advanced navigation and driving integration that Porsche and BMW have, it has spent million developing and marketing its Sync infotainment system. It does not want to give up that branding on an unknown product. 

In Apple's conference, it said that it already had deals with HondaHondaHondaJapan, 1948 > present102 models
2431 photos
10 videos
, Mercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzGermany, 1924 > present197 models
9897 photos
33 videos
, NissanNissanNissanJapan, 1932 > present159 models
7236 photos
12 videos
, FerrariFerrariFerrariItaly, 1947 > present233 models
5149 photos
37 videos
, General MotorsGMGMUnited States of America, 1998 > present8 models
240 photos
, KiaKiaKiaRepublic of Korea, 1944 > present52 models
1764 photos
4 videos
, HyundaiHyundaiHyundaiRepublic of Korea, 1967 > present79 models
1950 photos
3 videos
, VolvoVolvoVolvoSweden, 1927 > present49 models
4537 photos
6 videos
and JaguarJaguarJaguarUnited Kingdom, 1922 > present53 models
2187 photos
16 videos
to use the technology by 2014. 

Among them, only Mercedes-Benz with its COMAND system has an infotainment system with an established brand. The challenge for the other automakers will be making the decision whether to continue developing their own systems while using the Apple iOS for their cars in the short term. 

An option would be to use the universal iOS system in cheaper vehicles and develop unique systems for cutting-edge technology for more expensive vehicles.

Chevrolet is following this model by using Apple Siri Eyes Free on the SonicSonicChevrolet SonicUnited States of America, 2011 > present38 versions
42 photos
, SparkSparkChevrolet SparkUnited States of America, 2009 > present28 versions
63 photos
and Opel AdamADAM Gen.1Opel ADAM Gen.1Germany, 2012 > present39 versions
122 photos
. More expensive CadillacCadillacCadillacUnited States of America, 1902 > present79 models
1239 photos
2 videos
models get the GM-developed CUE infotainment system.

For smaller luxury automakers like Volvo, Jaguar and Ferrari, it allows them to have a quality infotainment system without spending the money to develop it themselves. It gives them the opportunity to focus their funds on improving their cars. 

Below you can see just the portion of Apple's conference focusing on in-car iOS.

Source: Automotive News Europe





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