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Gumpert Debuts Apollo R and Apollo Enraged as Ultimate Versions for Track and Road

Gumpert Debuts Apollo R and Apollo Enraged

Gumpert kept its promise of debuting two new models at the Geneva Motor Show, and we were right that one of them would be the Apollo R. The other is called the Apollo Enraged, which is an all-around great name for a vehicle like this. It decorated both cars with its griffin logo. 

Let's start with the less powerful car first. The Apollo Enraged gets an over 100hp upgrade to 780hp, compared to 650hp in the standard Sport model. Weight is cut by 25kg to 1,175kg. The car has griffen embroidery on the seat seats and all LCD gauges. Gumpert did not give any other performance info on the car that it will offer some improvement over the standard Apollo's 360km/h top speed and acceleration to 100km/h in 3.1 seconds. It is probably safe to assume that the acceleration time will drop into the two second range, which is insanely fast by any standard. 

The Apollo R is not even street legal, but represents the ultimate Apollo track car. Power is boosted to 860hp from its supercharged 4.2 liter V8, and extensive modifications were necessary. The supercharger pressure was increased to get the extra power. It also has optimized air intakes and a race exhaust. Because many Gumpert buyers are in Asia, the engine and transmission cooling were beefed up to work in hot, humid climates. The car uses an electronically-controlled, semi-manual transmission operated via paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Racing fuel must be used in the Apollo R. 

The upgrades lead to further strengthening of the chassis. The rear stabilizer bar is made from titanium. Numerous changes including a simplified wiring harness, milled parts and lightened body parts dropped the dry weight down to 1,100kg. 

To imagine these cars' performance keep in mind that a Veyron has 1,000hp but weighs about 700kg more than the Apollo R. 

To be clear, the Apollo R is the red, silver and gold car in the gallery, while the darker silver car is the Apollo Enraged. 

Apollo Gen.1Apollo Gen.1
Apollo rApollo r
V 8 (90º vee)
254 cu in
Top Speed
191 mph
6, Double Clutch
Maximum power
860 hp @ 6000 rpm
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost


Awesome! I love the Apollo, I think that's one of the sexiest, most agressive rear ends in automobile history :-) Love how you can see the rear tires thread thorugh the mesh, assimetric quad tailpipes...
07.03.2012 @ 11:09
I second that, one of my favourite super sports cars ever, detailing is fantastic, if I liked Star Wars I would say Darth Vader would drive this (not the Lambo J) :-)
07.03.2012 @ 11:10


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