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Chris Bruce2011-10-10 13:57:44

Ginetta G60 Brings Mid-Engine Sports Car to Its Range

Ginetta G60 Brings Mid-Engine Sports Car to Its Range


Ginetta is not the best known of the boutique, British sports cars manufacturers. It does not have quite the motor sports success of Lotus or the retro cool of Morgan, but the small company has been plugging along since 1958. Ginetta is famous for making two-seat sports cars usually with four-cylinder engines from Ford or MG, although it has also used V8s and more recently V6s. The car's are great for run-what-you-brung racing in that they are street legal but track ready. 

Until now, Ginetta has had just one road car, the G40R, in its current range. Powered by a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder engine, the G40R is a competent sports coupe that furthers the Ginetta DNA. 

The G60 is Ginetta's newest sports car and brings even more power to its road cars. The G60 uses a mid-mounted 3.7 liter V6 making 310bph and 288ft-lbs of torque. Power is routed through a six-speed manual gearbox to an ATB limited-slip differential. Ginetta claims that the G60 weighs 1080kg and is capable of 0-60mph runs in 4.9 seconds with a top speed of about 165mph. 

The G60 is meant for the hardcore sports car fan. Its got no ABS, power-assisted steering or traction control. 

Ginetta recently bought fellow British sports car manufacturer Farbio who made the GTS. The G60 uses a slightly modified Farbio GTS body. The front looks wonderful with a very low nose and large headlights. It vaguely resembles a McLaren F1 or MP4-12C. Things do not go so well as you move around the car. The sides are very flat and boring. The rear is a little better with lots of cooling ducts, and it appears to have better visibility compared to other cars in its class. 

Due to Ginetta's small size, it estimates that only 50 G60s will be made each year. The G60 will retail for £68,000 and is available for order now with the first deliveries in February 2012




12.10.2011 @ 18:00
Looks kinda like a baby Carrera GT.
12.10.2011 @ 22:09
Yeah, and no luxuries! Just raw performance!
12.10.2011 @ 22:19
So it it IS a baby Carrera GT!
13.10.2011 @ 15:35
13.10.2011 @ 16:00


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