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Chris Bruce2011-12-19 17:48:40

Funny Name for A Seriously Fast Car: The Donkervoort GTO

Funny Name for A Seriously Fast Car: The Donkervoort GTO

Do you think Colin Chapman knew when he created the Lotus 7 that the car would be one of his most inspirational models? Think of all of the boutique automakers that have modified Chapman's concept for the 7 to create small sports cars. 

Donkervoort has been doing just that for years now taking the basic idea of the Lotus 7 and carrying the idea to its ultimate conclusion. The new Donkervoort GTO takes the 2.5l, five-cylinder engine from the Audi TTRS that produces 340hp to 400hp and 450Nm from just 1600rpm depending on tune. There is a switch mounted on the dashboard that boosts the engine's tune to 400hp. This is supposed to only be used for racing purposes.  It uses a five-speed manual transmission with power routed to the rear wheels with traction control.

The Audi engine in the GTO has been lightened by 30kg over the version found in the TT RS by using a different intake manifold and changing some of the accessory components. 

The GTO's chassis is made of a hybrid of carbon fiber and tubular steel. The body panels are carbon and bonded to the chassis with glue. The doors and hinges are made from a single carbon composite that weighs just 980g but can take a force of 1500kg. 

The GTO looks almost alien with its tiny head lights, fanged front grill and exposed front suspension. The GTO is 35cm longer and 15cm wider than the previous Donkervoort GT, but the larger size was necessary to fit the five-cylinder engine. It only shares about 30% of the parts with the GT. 

Donkervoort is making just 25 GTOs and half of those were sold within hours of the car's announcement. The first cars will be delivered in the Summer of 2012 with prices between £100,000 and £150,000 excluding taxes


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I like Donkervoort. The GT is one of my favourite car with the Morgan Aeromax.
08.01.2012 @ 18:36


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