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Ford Will Keep Working on MyFord Touch Despite Brutal Review

Ford has been adding MyFord Touch to vehicles for the past several model years

The US magazine Consumer Reports is considered one of these most trusted guides for purchasing anything because it attempts to be so unbiased. The magazine takes no advertising and buys everything it tests itself. In its last issue it wrote a cutting review of Ford'sFordFordUnited States of America, 1903 > present92 models
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MyFord Touch system. Today, Ford's Marketing Chief Jim Farley responded to Consumer Reports by saying that the company would continue to develop infotainment technology. 

"We have an obligation to listen to feedback and do everything we can," Ford will dedicate "whatever resources are required to make the system more usable. [We] won't change our commitment to being a leader in infotainment. We want to be the best at it even if it means we have to improve the usability forever," said Farley. 

Specifically, Consumer Reports said: "Despite some recent updates, MyFord Touch still frustrates us like few other control systems in any other brand's automobiles. (Although our Fisker KarmaKarmaFisker KarmaUnited States of America, 2009 > present2 versions
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has even worse controls.) And worse, it is influencing competitors, such as GM, with its Cadillac CUE system."

You can read its entire piece here

It said that the system got worse to use in Ford's more expensive models because as the system becomes more expensive, Ford removes more buttons. On the Taurus and in Lincolns there are no buttons at all. 

Ford knows that MyFord Touch is problematic and is trying to fix things. It updated the system on all of its cars for 2013, and sent up 300,000 upgrade kits to owners to upgrade the system to the latest version. 

Consumer Reports has tested the upgraded, 2013 system and still finds it difficult to use.

"According to our consumers, 56 percent say technology was an important part of their buying a Ford, and that's significantly higher than other brands. There are functional benefits you get from the system that you wouldn't get if you didn't buy a car with MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch," said Farley. 

Source: Automotive News and Consumer Reports





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