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autoviva2011-01-28 11:35:10

Ferrari unveils F150 in Maranello

Ferrari unveils F150 in Maranello

Scuderia Ferrari became the first Formula One team to present its F1 challenger for the 2011 season. The new F150 was presented at Maranello and is the fifty-second single seater in the history of Ferrari. The name F150 was chosen as a tribute to the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

The F150 has been codenamed 662 and is the result of the introduction and interpretation of the new technical and sporting regulations that have been approved for this season. The aerodynamic front was a big influencer of the car design, amongst several other factors.

Innovations on the F150 come from the new regulations that have dictated the ban of the double diffuser, the blown rear wing, the use of apertures in the front part of the floor, while introducing an hydraulically controlled adjustable rear wing.

The 2011 season will also see the return of KERS to Ferrari thanks to the increase in the car’s minimum weight and stricter controls on weight distribution figures. By incorporating this technology on the F150 it had a significant impact on the design of the single-seater, especially having in mind that the dimensions of the fuel cell are very different to what they were in 2009.

Introduction of stricter safety requirements in terms of crash-tests, cockpit area protection and wheel-retaining cables for use in accidents was also responsible for some design changes on the new Ferrari.

The F150 monocoque seems higher than the F10 and its openings for the side air intakes have been reduced in size. The one standing above the driver’s head been modified. The F150 received a new designed rear suspension and a modified front one, adapting to the changes to the front part of the chassis.  While the cooling system was adapted because of the reintroduction of KERS and the new air exit ducts, the exhaust system is similar to the one introduced for the second half of last season. Brembo worked with Scuderia Ferrari on the complete redesign of the braking system.

With performance development on the engines is still frozen, no actual modifications have been made on the 056 engine for 2011. Still it doesn’t mean that Ferrari’s engineers haven’t worked on it. They focused on improving reliability by working especially on the pneumatic front, as well as on reducing costs. The front end architecture of the engine also suffered significant changes because of the reintroduction of KERS.

Ferrari 150th ItaliaFerrari 150th Italia
V 8 (90º vee)
146 cu in
Top Speed
7, semi-automatic
Maximum power
Single Seater
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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