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Christopher Bruce2012-08-03 15:25:59

Ferrari Parade Record Will Be Broken at Silverstone

The Ferrari Racing Days has previously held the record but will likely retake it this year

Silverstone has reached its goal of 1000 FerrarisFerrariFerrariItaly, 1947 > present233 models
5149 photos
37 videos
to parade around the track during the Ferrari Racing Days on September 15. The parade will break the Guinness Record for number of cars in a Ferrari parade. The previous record was 490 cars. 

The parade has been organized by Ferrari North Europe. This is the second time that it has tried to organize a record-setting Ferrari parade in Europe. At the Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone in 2007, it set the record with 385 cars on track. That record was later broken at another track who had 490 cars on track. Ferrari North Europe wanted to shatter the record this year and register 1000 Ferraris for the parade. 

However, it is still taking registrations for cars to set the record even higher. For each car entered, Ferrari will donate £5 for every car entered to BEN, a UK charity that donates money to automotive workers. 

The Ferrari Racing Days will be the only event in the UK this year for Corsa Clienti and races for the FXXFXXFerrari FXXItaly, 2005 > 20071 serie
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and 599XX. 

Ferrari Racing Days runs from September 15-16. Tickets cost £15 per person or £20 for the whole weekend. 





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