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Chris Bruce2011-11-07 14:53:19

Ferrari Head Luca di Montezemolo Pessimistic about Future Formula 1 Rule Changes

Ferrari Head Luca di Montezemolo Pessimistic about Future Formula 1 Rule Changes

Ferrari is connected with Formula 1 unlike any other manufacturer. The company still dabbles in sports car racing, but its bread and butter lies in F1. That often means that when Ferrari speaks the Formula 1 Comission listens. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has come out against the upcoming F1 rule changes and warns about the future of the sport. 

Montezemolo sees the current rules as overly dependent on aerodynamics and is against the ban on testing and the two car per team limit. 

"What is not so good is that 90 per cent of performance is now based exclusively on aerodynamics and another negative is that ours is the only sport where no testing is allowed," said Montezemolo.

Montezemolo also wants to allow customer cars. "Remember in 1961 Giancarlo Baghetti won the French Grand Prix at Reims with a privately entered Ferrari. There you are, it would be nice one day in the future to see one of our cars running in American colours, or Chinese, or maybe those of Abu Dhabi." said Montezemolo.

It seems like Ferrari will not get its way on everything, but customer cars seem ever more likely. Renault and Red Bull have talked about them in the past, and it is a way for the constructors to relatively lower their development costs. Plus it increases the size of the field, which has been a major goal for Formula 1 over the last several years. 

Source: Autosport





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