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Christopher Bruce2013-06-07 15:11:33

Fernando Alonso Believes Vettel's Luck is Running Out

Alonso actually doing better than last season

Alonso says he is ready to take on Vettel

Fernando Alonso believes that Sebastian Vettel's luck has to run out soon. The FerrariFerrariFerrariItaly, 1947 > present233 models
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driver is actually performing better this season than last season by scoring 78 points in the first six races of the season compared to 76 points last season. But he is not as high in the championship as he was last year.

"We have two points more than last year and we were leading the championship last year. So in a way, we are doing better than last year. What is a little bit out at the moment are the points that Sebastian has scored in these six races. 

"Unlucky races will come to everyone and will come to him as well. It came to Kimi in Monaco with the accident and we are only five points behind him. It will come to Sebastian and we need to maximize," said Alonso.

Alonso's example of Vettel's luck versus his own is their experiences with contact this season. Vettel made contact with Lewis Hamilton in the Spanish Grand Prix but still finished fourth. Alonso made contact with Vettel in the opening lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix, and it destroyed his front wing on the second lap.

Alonso's other example of his bad luck is his DRS getting stuck open in Bahrain.

"In Monaco, we didn't score so many points so we need four or five consecutive races on the podium or close to the podium to recover some of the points we have missed.

"This weekend, we must score good points," he said. 

Alonso is 29 points behind Vettel in the World Drivers' Championship. He is currently in third place behind Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.  

Of course the counter to that argument is that there is no such thing as luck in racing and preparation and skill will always win out. After all, how often was Michael Schumacher unlucky during his days at Ferrari? 

Source: Autosport

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