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European Commission Investigating Mercedes Refrigerant Debate

It will work with Germany's testing organization to insure impartiality

The refrigerant that Mercedes is using does not meet EU rules

The European Commission is stepping in to reconcile the dispute between France and Mercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzGermany, 1924 > present197 models
9900 photos
33 videos
on the refrigerant that Mercedes is using in some of its cars. 

The conflict is that Mercedes shipped A-ClassA-Class Gen.3 [W 176]Mercedes-Benz A-Class Gen.3 [W 176]Germany, 2012 > present41 versions
107 photos
, B-ClassB-Class Gen.2 [W246]Mercedes-Benz B-Class Gen.2 [W246]Germany, 2012 > present60 versions
112 photos
and CLA-ClassCLA-Class Gen.1Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Gen.1Germany, 2013 > present75 versions
89 photos
models to France that use R-134a refrigerant in their air conditioning systems. France refused to import the vehicles because R-134a does not comply with the EU's rules on global warming. 

The EU rule that France says Mercedes is violating says that refrigerants cannot have a global warming potential more than 150 times great than carbon dioxide. R-134a is rated at having more than 1,000 times the global warming potential as CO2, while R1234yf is rated at having four times the potential of CO2. 

Mercedes' argument is that it found in testing that R-134a's replacement, R1234yf, could be flammable during auto accidents and refuses the to use in its vehicles. 

The European Commission has stepped in and says that it will work with Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority to conduct an impartial analysis of R1234yf to determine if Mercedes claims are true. It will compare the results of the new test against the original test of R1234yf that determined that was safe for automotive use.

"The main objective will be reassuring manufacturers and the consumers that all means were invested to ensure the principles of objectivity and transparency in the risk assessments," said a spokesman for Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice President for Industry and Entrepreneurship.

Critics against Mercedes allege that it is simply trying to avoid the extra cost of R1234yf, which is currently manufactured under a monopoly by Honeywell and DuPont. 

Source: Automotive News Europe

A-Class Gen.3 [W 176]A-Class Gen.3 [W 176]




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