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Chris Bruce2011-12-27 14:46:23

European Automakers Pushing to Make 2015 Emissions Standard

European Automakers Pushing to Make 2015 Emissions Standard

While cars sold in Europe have become remarkably cleaner over the past decade, there is still some room for improvement, at least according to the European Environment Agency. Basically, every manufacturer in Europe must have its fleet down to an average CO2 emission of 130g/km by 2015.

There are some allowances given to the average mass of the fleets that effects specific makers CO2 targets. Makers of larger cars have larger targets for reduction. However, many automakers are off pace to be able to clean up their cars by 2015. There are possible fines up to the billions of Euros for not applying to these standards. 

Honda, Nissan, Daimler, GM, Mazda and Dacia need to improve their fleet emissions by about 14g/km of CO2 over the next five years. Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot are all already close to the 2015 target. Toyota needs to improve its fleet emissions by 1g/km of CO2 to meet the standards, and Citroen and Peugeot need to improve their fleets by 5g/km. 

Source The Green Car Web Site

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I am quite sure most of them will meet the targets. They are playing around to get some more funding ;-) But I would be curious to see the same figure for the North American car industry, which is lig...
01.01.2012 @ 22:23


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