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autoviva2014-04-15 16:42:40

Discovery Vision Concept unveiled in Manhattan

Vehicle features a great amount of Land Rover advanced technologies

 Land RoverLand RoverLand RoverUnited Kingdom, 1978 > present12 models 1476 photos 9 videos introduced the Discovery Vision Concept next to a scale mo

In anticipation to the official debut at the New York Auto Show, Land RoverLand RoverLand RoverUnited Kingdom, 1978 > present15 models
1787 photos
9 videos
introduced the Discovery Vision ConceptDiscovery Vision ConceptLand Rover Discovery Visi...United Kingdom, 2014 > 201415 photos
next to a scale model of Virgin Galactic ship in an event in Manhattan aboard the USS Intrepid, a center of experience of the sea, air and space.

As previously announced, the new Land Rover concept represents a vision of the future family of vehicles Land Rover Discovery, the first of which will be released in 2015. Besides a new design language, the new models that will be developed from the Discovery Vision Concept will be fitted with a range of innovative features and versatility and also debut pioneering technologies from the JaguarJaguarJaguarUnited Kingdom, 1922 > present53 models
2186 photos
16 videos
Land Rover advanced research division.

"The Discovery Vision Concept is the vision of our future family of leisure SUVs," said Gerry McGovern, Director of Design and Creative Director of Land Rover. "Its modern, relevant and attractive design represents a significant shift in Discovery as we know it, while its high practicality, flexibility and configuration capabilities combine Land Rover in an unnoticeable way to create an extremely attractive vehicle that provides a deep emotional connection."

From the Discovery Vision Concept, Land Rover will create a full range of models. The first of these models will be a replacement of the current FreelanderFreelanderLand Rover FreelanderUnited Kingdom, 1996 > present2 series
79 versions
107 photos
2 videos
, followed by a seven-seat version.

Land Rover will then launch a new off-road seven-seats model to be developed with a similar concept of the Toyota Land CruiserLand CruiserToyota Land CruiserJapan, 1951 > present10 series
52 versions
160 photos
. This new model will be linked directly to a new Range RoverRange Rover (modern)Land Rover Range Rover (modern)United Kingdom, 1995 > present3 series
59 versions
103 photos
which will be placed between the EvoqueRange Rover EvoqueLand Rover Range Rover EvoqueUnited Kingdom, 2011 > present140 versions
206 photos
2 videos
and Range Rover SportRange Rover SportLand Rover Range Rover SportUnited Kingdom, 2005 > present2 series
66 versions
167 photos
1 video

Finally the new range will be completed with the launch of a new generation Discovery. Everything indicates that the new model will be more refined and have more premium features, while being developed on the same platform of the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The design and dimensions of the Discovery Vision Concept are closer to a preview of the new Discovery.

The sportier lines and more curves totally deviate Discovery Vision Concept of the previous DiscoveryDiscoveryLand Rover DiscoveryUnited Kingdom, 1989 > present5 series
66 versions
120 photos
1 video
generation. The concept gets differentiating elements of design such as the step on the roof and the alpine windows. One of the highlights is the spacious and versatile interior, with a range of innovative equipment and different configurations of seats, which adapt to different lifestyles.

Land Rover chose to use more exclusive materials in the Discovery Vision Concept. The interior incorporates two innovative types of premium leather Foglizzo that can be cleaned in seconds. The vehicle also includes wood finishes on the floor and on instrument cluster and unique accessories coated in Harris Tweed giving an exquisite "British" touch.

The Discovery Vision Concept is a window for advanced research projects underway at Jaguar Land Rover. These illustrate how Land Rovers could evolve and the technology development aimed to meet the requirements of customers of the future .

The new generation Human-Machine Interface ( HMI ) technology creates a new multimedia experience that includes video calls between passengers through screens of information and entertainment embedded in the back of the seats. Smart Glass offers the power of augmented reality on all glass surfaces and allows the new Transparent Bonnet function, recently announced. Also several functions , including the doors, turn signals, headlights and screens on the seat backs, operated by Gesture Control.

Remote Control Drive enables the driver to manoeuvre the car at very low speed while not actually seated inside it.

Laser Terrain Scanning utilises infrared lasers emitted from the front fog-lamps to continuously scan the terrain being traversed, and renders a contour map on the high-definition instrument cluster display. This mapping can be paired with the All-Terrain Coach guidance system to chart out a path and assist the driver in navigating it.

Lasers are also used by the next-generation Wade Aid sensory system to measure the depth of water even before the car enters it, and inform the driver of the feasibility of the intended wading manoeuvre.

Finally the All-Terrain Progress Control enables semi-autonomous off-road driving at a steady speed across varying terrain

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