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Christopher Bruce2012-04-05 14:54:17

Damon Hill Supports Skipping Bahrain GP in 2012

Damon Hill Supports Skipping Bahrain GP in 2012

This might be a second year without a Bahrain GP. Protests for democratic reform in Bahrain are now including protests against the Formula 1 grand prix there that is scheduled for April 20-22. Police have attacked protesters and killed at least one. Protests are now moving to Twitter using the hash tags #NoF1 and #BloodyF1 to attempt to stop the race. In light of these ongoing protests Damon Hill has withdrawn his support for the event saying, "With under three weeks to go, conditions do not seem to have improved."

Hill visited Bahrain last year to gauge whether the grand prix could be held in April. At the time, he gave the race his support and believed that it could give some unity to the country. He also believed that the two sides would have discussions in an attempt to improve the situation.

"It would be a bad state of affairs, and bad for Formula 1, to be seen to be enforcing martial law in order to hold the race. That is not what this sport should be about. Looking at it today you'd have to say that [the race] could be creating more problems than it's solving," said Hill in light of the recent violence. 

Neither the FIA nor Bernie Ecclestone have commented on the Bahrain GP for this season. 

"I hope the FIA are considering the implications of this fully and that events in Bahrain are not seen as they are often sold, as a bunch of yobs throwing Molotov cocktails, because that's a gross simplification. If they believe that, they ought to be more wary. You don't get 100,000 people risking their lives in protest for nothing," said Hill.

Last season, the race was canceled due to protests and unrest. Hill was among the most vocal against holding the race last year telling the Daily Telegraph at the time, "“We will forever have the blight of association with repressive methods to achieve order.”

Source: Autosport




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