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autoviva2010-11-23 13:35:43

Dacia presents the ice-racing version of the Duster

Dacia presents the ice-racing version of the Duster

Participating for the second year-in-a-row on the Trophée Andros ice-racing championship's Silhouette class, Dacia is presenting the car that will represent the brand on the Trophée: the Dacia Duster Ice, an adapted version of its successful SUV.

In tracks where reliability is pushed to the limit, Dacia will be willing to showcase the robustness that has been dialled into Duster's DNA. The Duster has been adapted according to technical rules which govern this competition that restricts the use of complex, costly technologies. In order to become competitive Dacia has opted to produce a simple yet ingenious package which is also part of the spirit promoted by the brand.

Considered one of motor racing's most uniquely challenging disciplines the Trophée Andros calls for a precise yet spontaneous driving style. For that reason Dacia has chosen Alain Prost to drive its Duster Ice.

The ice-racing version of Dacia Duster has been enhanced thanks to the expertise of Renault Sport Technologies in the world of motor sport. Concealed by the car's glass fibre skin, the tubular chassis is powered by a three-litre 24-valve V6 350hp engine, which has been developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. This engine has been enhanced in order to maximize performance at the high altitudes visited by the series. One of the main goals for the engineers working on the Duster Ice’s V6 engine was to increase the availability of torque at low revs. The result: additional 20Nm at 3,000rpm.

For the 2010/2011 season the Dacia Duster will be using new shock absorbers developed using the same techniques and resources employed by Renault Sport Technologies when fine-tuning the suspension of its road cars.

An indispensable feature for the extreme wintry conditions that the Duster Ice will find is the limited slip differentials. This sort of transmission ensures more efficiency but still with much grip is available.

Dacia Duster Ice also features a four-wheel steering system for absolute cornering control. The mechanical system uses a link from the front-wheel steering which can be easily adjusted to match the different circuit layouts encountered in the course of the season.

Alain Prost will behind the wheel of the Dacia Duster Ice with a clear focus: "My objective is to win the Trophée Andros with Dacia. But whatever the result we achieve, I would like to obtain it with panache. The ideal scenario would be to clinch my third title at the end of the final race! That would mean that the season has been very close and exciting. It would also allow all those involved to take something away with them from the campaign.

The French driver considers that “race strategy, careful tyre management and optimising the ballast regulations will all be key to a top result."

Duster IceDuster Ice
V 6
182 cu in
Top Speed
6, sequential manual
Maximum power
350 hp @ 7500 rpm
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost

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