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autoviva2012-12-11 15:22:33

Craziest Driving Laws in the USA

The motoring world is closely tied to laws that control speed, circulation on certain routes, the use of lights, safety equipment, among many others. And are they relevant? Of course they are, they are undoubtedly necessary.

But there are plenty of other laws throughout the world that are as necessary as an umbrella on a sunny day.

We already dedicated an article to the most bizarre driving laws when it comes to animals animals and traffic. But there's still unexplored territory: the United States! The U.S. is such a big country with so many states and so many different cultures, and it has the world's craziest laws, without a shadow of a doubt.

You are not convinced? Check out our list and discover the (ingenious) madness of US traffic authorities!


California seems to be a paradise when it comes to driving laws. Some of the state's craziest laws say that it's illegal to use a road as a bed or that no vehicle without a driver should exceed the speed of 96 km/h. Seriously?? It's also forbidden to jump from a car at 104 km/h or to wipe your car with used underwear. And those boxers were so handy... Damn!

New Jersey

If you're one of those people that would rather drive 5 Km further to a gas station where you don't have to pump your own gas, then you really could consider moving to New Jersey. And why is that? Well, in the Garden State it is illegal to pump your own gas. Why go through the whole trouble when someone can make a living out of this task?

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is really strict with its alcohol regulations, one of the laws states for example, that you can't drive with beer on board your vehicle even if it's unopened. So do locals have to walk to the nearest convenience store whenever they feel like having a nice cold beer or have friends over for a football match?


Here at Autoviva we don't even want to imagine why on earth the authorities in the city of Oakland felt it was necessary to create the following regulation: Believe it or not, in Oakland it's illegal to molest a car. This one leaves us speechless!


Alabama has a very funny contribution to our list of the craziest driving laws. We know this one can be a bit obvious but in Alabama you're prohibited to drive while blindfolded. Well legislators must assume their citizens have a far below averge IQ to need a law to remind them how dangerous this is!


The traffic authorities in Denver banned all black cars from the streets for Sundays. We can't help it but to consider this an outrageous form of discrimination based on the colour of paint! Black cars of Denver unite to fight for your Sunday right!


In the state of Georgia it's actually illegal to drive through playgrounds. Was this ever acceptable? Were there so many playgrounds being ran through by cars that they thought they should have a law to protect the kids? We would sure like to know...

North Carolina

The state of North Carolina also has a handful of creative laws. Unless you're planning on digging a grave or bury someone you're not allowed to drive through a cemetery... There goes our next year's Halloween plans! And of course, it's illegal to play in traffic. And we thought it was such a perfect a playground!


In Minnesota it's illegal do drive a truck that leaves mud, dirt or sticky substances on the road. What about construction sites? Do they need a special permission? Maybe someone in the state's office has a secret obssession with cleaning.


Missouri passed a law that's just a gem! You can't honk someone else's car horn. Yep, that's right, your car your horn and that's that! What if it's an emergency? Can we get away with it?


Laws against alcohol in your car are really common in the US. I live in Ohio and have always been taught that alcohol containers cannot be in arms reach, even if unopened.
11.12.2012 @ 15:33
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