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Citroën Technospace Concept Hints at Future C4 Picasso

Concept will be revealed at Geneva Motor Show

Citroën calls the new concept Technospace

CitroënCitroënCitroënFrance, 1919 > present94 models
5346 photos
11 videos
will reveal a new MPV concept at the Geneva Motor Show called the Technospace. The concept imagines the next generation C4 PicassoC4 Picasso Gen.1Citroën C4 Picasso Gen.1France, 2007 > 201236 versions
60 photos
. The production version will come in the second half of 2013. 

Citroën is not saying much in terms of styling. The concept modernizes the look of the current C4 with more sculpting and a more compact front end. At the rear, Citroën has installed 3d-effect taillights.

With the latest car, Citroën has set a series of milestones that it plans to meet with the production version of the concept. It will emit 98g/km of CO2 and be built on Citroën's Efficient Modular Platform 2. The concept will also include a high definition 12in panoramic touchscreen. The car will measure 4.43m long, 1.83m wide and 1.61m tall with 537l of luggage capacity. 

Citroën says that it has sold 3 million Picassos since 1999. 

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW's big reveal for the Geneva Motor Show is the latest 3 Series variant - the 3 Series Grand Turismo. The GT  returns to the concept of the old 3 Series Compact but tweaks it into a vehicle that it actually larger than the 3 Series Touring. BMW says that the GT is meant to combine the sportiness of a sedan with the utility of a wagon without a boring image.


Car Magazine in the UK has gotten the exclusive images of the next generation BMW M3 and are confirming that it will use a turbocharged six-cylinder engine developing 444hp. Like all of the modern M cars, it will get a carbon fiber roof to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity. The doors and hood will be made out of aluminum. The car will weigh around 3307lbs (1,500kg) when it hits the road.

Opel Adam Rocks

Opel is going to get as much as it can out of the Corsa platform. The new Adam is mechanically the same as the Corsa and built on the same assembly line. But the Adam gets its own unique sheet metal, accessories and options. It looks like Opel is considering taking this one step farther with the Adam Rocks crossover concept that it is bringing to the Geneva Motor Show on March 5.

Suzuki Crossover

Suzuki is bringing a production version of its S-Cross concept from the Paris Motor Show to the Geneva Motor Show on March 5. It has not given the production version a name yet. Suzuki says the new crossover will fill the C-Segment and have a roomy interior and among the highest luggage capacities of cars in the class. It will be available with all-wheel drive.

McLaren P1

In recent weeks McLaren has released several videos giving more details about it's F1 successor, the P1. It was caught testing and we even got to see its tacometer in action. Now we just have to wait until March to discover everything about the new McLaren P1.

Ferrari F150

It is the proud successor of the Ferrari Enzo supercar and we have been waiting for quite some months. Ferrari revealed last year that the car will use a hybrid version of the V12 from the F12berlinetta. It also showed its carbon fiber monocoque at the Paris Motor Show. Teaser images and camouflaged test videos are the only clues of its design.

Honda Civic Wagon Concet

The Civic Wagon Concept imagines a five-door Civic with new style. Honda says that the exterior design of the concept will be very similar to the production car.

Honda CRV Diesel

Honda will debut the CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC. It gives the CR-V Honda's newest Earth Dreams diesel engine and will only be available with two-wheel drive and a manual transmission at launch. Honda says that it is the lightest engine in its class. It will go on sale this fall.

Pininfarina Sergio

Pininfarina will debut a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show in honor of designer Sergio Pininfarina. The Pininfarina Sergio celebrates the founder who ran the company for 40 years who died last July. Pininfarina describes the car as having "the spirit of the extraordinary achievements born from Sergio Pininfarina’s pencil, translating it into a modern vision in the name of exclusivity, innovation and passion."

Renault Captur

Renault revealed its Captur compact crossover that combines the driving position of an SUV, the capacity of an MPV and the driving style of a compact sedan. The Captur’s styling is pretty clearly derived from the new Clio. It is slightly boxier, though, and its white roof gives a pleasant contrast. The design is not as limit-pushing as the Juke, but it is certainly not boring.

Renault Scénix XMOD

The XMOD is a new variant of the Scenic that combines the Scenic MPV with a compact crossover. It borrows the platform from the Scenic but comes with a new Extended Grip traction control system. It also gets a taller ride height, alloy wheels and the Energy TCe 130 engine. The XMOD also gets unique front and rear bumpers, side sill guards and chrome roof bars.

Renault Scénic Facelift

The Scenic is getting a major refresh for the Geneva Motor Show that is meant to make Renault's MPV range more modern. The update to the Scenic and Grand Scenic get Renault's new front end and new engine options. The new Scenic offers 555 liters of interior storage and 71 extra liters of storage pockets all over the car.

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley is updating its top-of-the-line Mulsanne at the Geneva Motor Show with a suite of new comfort and entertainment options. The updated car will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and Bentley will start taking orders in April. The Comfort Specification adds new headrests with adjustable sides, folding footrests, duck down-filled cushions and electric privacy curtains.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce has announced that it will reintroduce the Wraith name at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and it will be the most powerful Rolls-Royce model ever. Deliveries of the new car will begin in the third quarter of 2013. Rolls-Royce says that the new Wraith is inspired by company founder Charles Rolls. The new car appears to be a fastback coupe with a long hood and possibly a short trunk from the image.

Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507

Mercedes is giving the C63 AMG an upgrade called the Edition 507. It gets a 6.3-liter V8 with a 50hp boost to 507hp and 10Nm boost to 610Nm. The power boost comes from the engine upgrades to the SLS AMG. It also gets composite brakes with red calipers. The special edition is available on the C63 AMG sedan, coupe and estate.

Toyota FT-86 Open Concept

Toyota is gauging customer demand for a convertible version of the GT86 at the Geneva Motor Show. It calls the concept the FT-86 Open Concept, and the car’s major change over the coupe is a power, fabric roof. Toyota also added a more luxurious interior to the concept with higher quality, white leather than is found in the standard car.

Toyota I-Road

Toyota is also bringing a concept called the I-Road that is a two-person electric city car.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports

The Auris Touring Sports is a hybrid-only Auris MPV that emphasizes luggage capacity and hauling ability with good fuel economy. Toyota says that its economy will lead the medium-sized wagon category.

Lexus IS 300h

The IS300h will be a European-only model that will share a powertrain with the ES300h from the US. Like the ES300h, it will use a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a hybrid system with a total output of 200hp. The IS300h will also be available with the F Sport package for buyers who want a sportier look.

Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

The seventh generation Corvette stole the show at the North American International Auto Show. Now, it appears that it might do it again at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5 by revealing the seventh generation Corvette convertible. Chevrolet has not officially said when the Corvette convertible will be shown, but we know that the car will be coming. as it is inextricably linked to model.

Kia ceed and pro_ceed GT

Kia has confirmed that the Pro_cee'd GT and Cee'd GT will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5. The cars will be the most performance-oriented Kia models ever and will be powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with 201hp and 265Nm and six-speed manual that are shared with Hyundai. Both cars will be built in Europe.

Kia Concept

Kia is bringing what it calls an urban concept car to the Geneva Motor Show. The car is meant to be a high-style, three-door hatchback meant for younger buyers. Kia says that it means for the front of the car to be mischievous while bringing a new interpretation to its current grill treatment. The rest of the car is meant to show speed and energy.

MINI Bond Street

Mini has yet more special editions coming to the Geneva Motor Show. The Bond Street is both on the Clubman and adds unique color and trim combinations. The Bond Street comes in Midnight Black with Cool Champagne trim on the roof, mirror caps, C-pillars, and stripes. The interior comes with leather sports seats and a leather-covered instrument panel.

Qoros GQ3

Qoros wants the GQ3 to be a high quality C-segment sedan with top crash test results. The company has the burden of trying to legitimize Chinese cars in Europe. The car is meant to have short overhangs and a coupe-like shape to show a sporty demeanor with a total length of 1839mm. The headlights have horizontal LEDs mounted at their top. The cars will ride on 19in wheels.

Volkswagen Cross up!

Volkswagen is turning the Up into a compact crossover with the new Cross Up that it will debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5 and will go on sale in the late summer. The little car is 95% Up and 5% crossover. Volkswagen raised the ride height slightly, added black moldings along the wheel arches and sills, door protector strips mid way up the four doors, roof rails and 16in wheels.

Subaru VIZIV

Subaru is bringing a new crossover concept called the VIZIV to the Geneva Motor Show. Subaru says that the VIZIV represents the future of Subaru exterior design. The name means 'Vision for Innovation,' and is meant to show Subaru's continued dedication to all-wheel drive vehicles.

Citroën Technospace

Citroën will reveal a new MPV concept at the Geneva Motor Show called the Technospace. The concept imagines the next generation C4 Picasso. The production version will come in the second half of 2013. Citroën is not saying much in terms of styling. The concept modernizes the look of the current C4 with more sculpting and a more compact front end. At the rear, Citroën has installed 3d-effect taillights.

Audi S3 Sportback

Audi is making its latest generation of the S3 more family friendly with the new five-door Sportback. Other than the added doors, Audi has left the formula for the S3 basically the same. Power still comes from the new long stroke 2.0 TFSI engine with 296hp and 280lb-ft of torque (380Nm) with all-wheel drive.

Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes is hopping into the hot hatch game for the first time with both feet with the new A45 AMG. The little hatch produces 355hp and 450Nm (332lb-ft) from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It is the most powerful four-cylinder engine currently in a production car. Even with all of the power, it has average fuel economy of 6.9l/100km (34mpg US) thanks partially to standard start/stop.

Seat Leon SC

Seat has debuted the Leon SC three-door that is meant to bring a little more sportiness to the Leon hatchback. It will be offered in Reference, Style and FR trim levels.The Leon SC is inspired by Seat's IBE and IBL concepts. The new car has a 35mm (1.3in) shorter wheelbase compared to five-door Leon and has shorter overhangs than the previous generation, which is supposed to give it more dynamic handling.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The production version of the Alfa Romeo 4C has finally been revealed, and the car will be shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5. The car looks very similar to the concept that has been shown since 2011 with two seats, rear-wheel drive and a 1750cc turbocharged engine. Sales will begin worldwide in 2013.

SsangYong SIV-1

Korean brand SsangYong is bringing a premium crossover concept to the Geneva Motor Show that it calls the SIV-1, which stands for Smart Interface Vehicle. The concept will be a premium-oriented crossover that will show the brand's future exterior design direction.

Mitsubishi GR-HEV

The GR-HEV sport utility hybrid truck applies the concept of the Outlander's powertrain to an even larger D-segment SUV. Unlike the Outlander, the GR-HEV uses a diesel engine. The truck is meant to be a larger and tougher hybrid than what are on the market today. The GR-HEV also gets all-wheel drive. The truck concept is slated to have a 149g/km of CO2 emissions rating.

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV

The CA-MieV is meant to be a larger evolution of the Mitsubishi i-MieV. Mitsubishi only released a single obscured picture of the front of the car, but it appears to be either a sedan or hatchback. Mitsubishi says that the car will use a next generation battery system that will offer a 300km range. The car is meant for suburban buyers who have to commute in and out of a city to work.

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot’s big reveal for the Geneva Motor Show this year will be the 2008 compact crossover based on the 208. It is not resting on its laurels either because the car will be on sale in the spring.The 2008 is 4.16m long and 1.74m wide and does not bare many similarities to the 208 that it is based on in style. The two cars have similar grills and taillights, but the rest of the 2008 is unique.

Audi RS Q3

Audi first showed the concept for the RS Q3 at Auto China Beijing in April 2012, and it will reveal the production version at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5, 2013. While power is slightly lower than the concept version, it is still the first production Audi ‘Q’ vehicle to get the RS logo. The production version produces 310hp and 310lb-ft of torque from Audi’s 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder engine with start/stop.

Bentley Flying Spur

After weeks of teasers, Bentley has finally revealed its new Continental Flying Spur sedan, which is also the fastest and most powerful Bentley four-door sedan ever. Power comes from the 6.0-liter, twin-turbo W12 with an eight-speed automatic transmission with 616hp and 590lb-ft of torque with all-wheel drive. Acceleration to 60mph takes 4.3 seconds, and it has a top speed of 200mph (322km/h).

Spyker B6

Spyker has posted to its web site saying that it will return to building cars and debut a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show called the B6. Spyker did not give any other details about the concept, but from the image that it released. The concept appears to be a sports coupe. The traditional Spyker naming scheme would indicate that this concept uses a six-cylinder engine, but Spyker will not confirm that either.

Rinspeed microMAX

Rinspeed has been bringing quirky car concepts to the Geneva Motor Show since 1991. This year’s concept does not fold up from sedan to coupe or is able to drive on water, but it might show the actual future of mass transit. The Rinspeed microMAX has been designed in conjunction with multimedia system maker Harman and uses connected computing to make driving easier and potentially safer.

Skoda Octavia Combi

Skoda will debut the third generation Octavia Combi at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5 and add a 4X4 model with the fifth-generation Haldex all-wheel drive system from the Golf 4Motion. There will be eight engines at launch - four petrol and four diesel. The most fuel-efficient version is the GreenLine that uses 3.4l/100km (69mpg US) and emits 89g/km of CO2.

Nissan Note

Nissan’s big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show will be a new generation Note that focuses on expanding its safety systems to places where other cars in its segment have not yet gone. The little car has a bold exterior design with a grill that cuts directly into the headlights. It is a fantastic interpretation of Nissan’s corporate V-shaped face.

Qoros Q3 Cross Hybrid Concept

The Q3 Cross Hybrid Concept is a crossover version of the Q3. It uses the turbocharged 1.2-liter three-cylinder with an electric motor powering the rear axle.

Qoros Q3 Estate Concept

The Q3 Estate Concept shows what a future Q3 wagon may look like. It gets a longer roofline and hatchback to increase interior volume.

Alfa Romeo Gloria

Alfa Romeo may be a decade late, but it definitely has a hit with the Gloria concept that it will show at Geneva on March 5. It says that the inspiration for the car comes from making the classic Alfa Romeo Duetto into a four-door coupe.  While Alfa Romeo built the concept, the actual design comes from 20 Master in Transportation Design students at the European Design Institute of Turin.

Citroën C3

Citroën will reveal the restyled C3 at the Geneva Motor Show with different front end styling, better fuel economy and new available options like a rearview camera. The C3 will get new PureTech three-cylinder petrol engines and four diesel options

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

Like the A45 AMG the CLA45 AMG will also get its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5. The car gets the same AMG new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 355hp and 332lb-ft of torque with all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen has achieved today a project that it has been working on for over a decade. It showed its first concept for the 1.0-liter car at a VW stockholders meeting in April 2002. Now, just less than 11 years later, Volkswagen will show a production version of the XL1 at the Geneva Motor Show that it says will have 0.9l/100km (261mpg US or 314mpg UK) combined fuel economy and 21g/km of CO2 emissions.

Volkswagen Golf GTD

Volkswagen has revealed that the seventh-generation Golf GTD. The latest generation packs a 2.0 TDI with182hp and 221lb-ft of torque (300Nm), which makes it the most powered GTD in the model’s history. VW says that it  will get to 100km/h in 7.5 seconds and has a top speed of 230km/h. It consumes 4.2l/100km and emits 109g/km of when specced with a six-speed DSG.

Audi A3 e-tron

Audi will reveal its concept for a plug-in hybrid future with the Audi A3 e-tron. It combines a 1.4 TFSI engine with an electric motor to create a powertrain that gives 201hp of power and claimed fuel economy of 1.5l/100km. The powertrain is made up of a 1.4 TFSI that produces 150hp and an electric motor with a further 101hp. The car reaches 100km/h in 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 222km/h. Claimed emissions of 35g/km of CO2.

Range Rover Evoque

The Land Rover Evoque with a nine-speed automatic transmission from ZF will be on display in Geneva. While Land Rover calls it a concept, production for the transmission will begin soon in South Carolina, and it is only a matter of time until buyers can actually own this truck. The ZF 9HP is the first nine-speed automatic transmission for a passenger car and is specifically designed for cars for transverse engine layouts.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen will debut the production seventh-generation GTI at the Geneva Motor Show, and just like the concept that was shown last year, it will be offered in two trims with either 217hp (220ps) or 226hp (230ps); the more powerful version will be called the GTI Performance and come with an electronic front differential lock. The newest GTI will also offer an 18% improvement in fuel economy over the previous generation.

Wiesmann GT MF4 Club Sport

Wiesmann has announced that it will debut the GT MF4-CS at the Geneva Motor Show. The CS in the name stands for Club Sport. Wiesmann says that the car will be limited to 25 units and feature uncompromising weight reduction and other racing elements. However, the car will still be street legal.

Abarth Fuoriserie

Abarth does not have any really new cars for the Geneva Motor Show. However, it will reveal its new Fuori Serie cars based on the Abarth 500 that allow buyers complete customization in their car. Abarth will bring three of the customized cars to Geneva. All Fuori Serie cars will come with Abarth’s 180hp 1.4 Turbo T-Jet 16v engine and the electronically-operated manual Abarth Competizione transmission.

Bertone Rapide Jet 2+2

Famous coachbuilder Bertone has been commissioned by a buyer to build wagon out of an Aston Martin Rapide. Bertone calls the one-off car the Jet 2+2. Although just one will be built, Bertone will have the car on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Bertone stretched the rear slightly to add the rear hatchback. The concept for the design comes from the Jet 2 that Bertone built in 2004 based on the Vanquish.

Fiat 500L Trekking

The 500L Trekking is an outdoor-oriented trim with front-wheel drive and an advanced traction control system, the Traction+, which is meant to be a compromise over a heavier, more expensive all-wheel drive system. It will be available with the 95hp 1.4, 104hp TwinAir Turbo, 105hp 1.6 Multijet II diesel and 85hp 1.3 Multijet II diesel.

Fiat 500 GQ

The 500 GQ will be a new special edition that will hit dealers in June. The car is inspired by the men's magazine GQ and is based on the 500S. It is painted in two-tone matt grey and carbon black with chrome trim. It also gets 16in wheels with orange hubcaps and the GQ logo door pillar. It also gets an orange GQ logo on the dashboard and leather seats. The interior also gets aluminum pedals and leather gearshift knob.

Gemballa GT Spider

Gemballa has introduced their GT Spider based on the McLaren 12C Spider, and while the tuner does nothing to the engine, the GT Spider gets upgrades to the interior, exterior and wheels. Gemballa adds a carbon fiber body kit, high-quality leather interior and forged wheels. All the pieces bolt to the factory mounting points, which means there is no drilling necessary.

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet will refresh the Captiva at the Geneva Motor Show with a new front and rear end and updated convenience features. Updates include new LED taillights, chrome exhaust tips and a new rear bumper. The front gets a new lower bumper, mesh grill, restyled fog lights and 18in wheels.

Audi A3 Sportback g-tron

Audi is taking another step into the world of compressed natural gas-fueled cars (CNG). Its A3 Sportback g-tron will be on sale by the end of the year and can be fueled by CNG or Audi’s e-gas. The car is equipped with tanks for both the CNG or e-gas and conventional gasoline in case the driver is not in an area where CNG is available.


KTM released images of the new X-Bow GT that will get a full description at the Geneva show. The images show that the car gets a wrap-around canopy that will keep the wind off the driver better than the little single windshield on the standard X-Bow. The extended glass will also mean the first time that the X-Bow will have doors.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Maserati will reveal an updated GranTurismo MC Stradale at the Geneva Motor Show that will replace the rear seats that were removed when the original version debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. To compensate for the extra weight added by the rear seats, Maserati is fitting its 4.7-liter V8 with 454hp, which is an 11hp upgrade over the original car.

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

Hyundai is the first automaker to mass-produce fuel cell vehicles. The new ix35 Fuel Cell is built on the same assembly line in Korea as the standard ix35. Hyundai will begin delivering the cars to customers soon, and will display the car at the Geneva Motor Show. The brand will deliver the first 17 cars for fleets in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Skåne, Sweden.

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