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Christopher Bruce2012-10-22 14:40:20

Chevrolet Pushes New Impala and Small Cars at SEMA

The Cruze Upscale imagines a more luxurious Cruze

The SEMA Show starts next week in Las Vegas, and FordFordFordUnited States of America, 1903 > present92 models
2550 photos
11 videos
and ChryslerChryslerChryslerUnited States of America, 1925 > present70 models
875 photos
1 video
have already begun to show their cars for the show. Now, it is Chevrolet'sChevroletChevroletUnited States of America, 1911 > present82 models
3567 photos
7 videos

Chevy takes a similar strategy has Chrysler when it comes to SEMA. Both automakers use their own parts to create their own custom cars for the show. In contrast, Ford sends its cars to various tuners to have the cars customized. 


The Malibu turbo concept

The Malibu turbo concept

© photo courtesy of: Chevrolet

This year, Chevy is pushing its new ImpalaImpala Gen.10Chevrolet Impala Gen.10United States of America, 2014 > present4 versions
12 photos
3 videos
that will go on sale in early 2013 and its range of small cars. It is also showing a turbocharged MalibuChevrolet Malibu Gen.8Chevrolet Chevrolet Malibu Gen.8United States of America, 2012 > present15 versions
42 photos

The Malibu Turbo Performance Concept uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine to make 259hp and accelerate to 60mph in 6.3 seconds. It includes a complete body kit, fog lights, chrome trim, 20in wheels and Recaro seats. The interior is covered in dark blue leather.


Chevy is also showing a concept for the next generation Impala that goes on sale in early 2013. The concept gets 18in wheels, LED running lights and HID headlights. Inside it gets black leather with dark chrome trim. 

Small Cars

Chevy's big push this year is for its line of smaller cars: the CruzeCruze Gen.2Chevrolet Cruze Gen.2United States of America, 2008 > present74 versions
201 photos
, SparkSparkChevrolet SparkUnited States of America, 2009 > present28 versions
63 photos
and SonicSonicChevrolet SonicUnited States of America, 2011 > present38 versions
42 photos

In the realm of small cars, one of Chevrolet's bigger reveals is the B-Spec Sonic. B-spec racing started in the US last year for modified entry-level cars. The series is meant has an inexpensive entry into national racing because the engines must be kept stock but modifications to the suspension are allowed. The B-Spec set-up comes as a kit to add to a Sonic and includes a front and rear coil-over suspension, adjustable front stabilizer, rear axle shim kit, air restrictor and retuned ECU. After that buyers just need a donor car with the interior stripped out and a roll cage, and they can go racing. 

The Spark Sinister is based on parts already available from Chevrolet. It gets a body kit including a rear diffuser, side skirts and rear spoiler. It also gets red 18in wheels and a lowered ride height. 

The Spark Z-Spec gets a body kit that includes added trim on the grill surrounds, headlamp housings, fog lamp bezels, belt moldings and rear diffuser. It also gets a front coil-over suspension, rear lowering springs and black 15in wheels. 

The Sonic Z-Spec 2.5 gets all of the Spec 1's upgrades plus leather

The Sonic Z-Spec 2.5 gets all of the Spec 1's upgrades plus leather

© photo courtesy of: Chevrolet

Chevy is also showing two versions of the Sonic Z-Spec. The Z-Spec 1 gets a Borla exhaust, lowered ride height, 16in brake kit, body kit and upgraded stereo. The Z-Spec 2.5 gets all of those upgrades plus added trim around the grill surround, fog lamp bezels door trim, 18in wheels, leather interior and a cold air intake.

Chevy also has an upgraded version of the Cruze on display called the Cruze Upscale. It gets side skirts and front and rear fascia extensions, tinted headlights, 19in wheels, Loft Brown leather seats, high-gloss interior trim, coil-over suspension and four piston brakes in the front and vented and drilled brakes in the rear. 





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