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Chris Bruce2012-01-31 12:22:33

Chevrolet Displaying Environmental Information on Its Models

Chevrolet Displaying Environmental Information on Its Models

Chevrolet will begin displaying Ecologic environmental labels on its cars starting with the 2012 Sonic. The label shows customers environmental features related to the car's manufacturing , driving and recycling. It will start on all Chevrolet vehicles in 2013. 

Each claim that Chevrolet makes on the label audited by Two Tomorrows, a third-party sustainability company that audits companies' environmental claims. 

“Customers want companies to be honest and transparent about their environmental efforts and sustainability goals, and rightly so. Putting an Ecologic label on each Chevrolet is just one more way for us to share our environmental progress,” said General Motors North America President Mark Reuss.

The label is separated into three sections: Before the Road shows environmental aspects of the vehicle's manufacturing and assembly, On the Road shows technologies related to the engine and aerodynamics, and After the Road displays the recyclable components. 

Chevrolet is investing to reduce US CO2 emissions by 8 million tons over the next several years by building cleaner vehicles in a more sustainable way. 


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I like the approach, particularly the before and after use impact. So if you buy a big 4x4 pick-up truck, you may realize that you impact less than with a smaller car that travelled half the world. I ...
05.02.2012 @ 13:54


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