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Thomas Mallett2012-10-17 17:43:23

Cars that you might like to invest in: Porsche 993

£25,000 for a Porsche 993 is a save and rewarding investment.

You could buy a 964 911911 Gen.2Porsche 911 Gen.2Germany, 1989 > 19939 versions
28 photos
for this money and get an exceptional one but then, when it really came down to it you’d always be slightly disappointed that it wasn’t a 993911 Gen.3Porsche 911 Gen.3Germany, 1993 > 199826 versions
35 photos
parked in the garage, so that’s what I have gone for.

Even with cars as consistently excellent as PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4654 photos
29 videos
’s 911911Porsche 911Germany, 1963 > present6 series
327 versions
1068 photos
10 videos
there are always peaks and troughs. For instance (and it was better than many gave it credit for) the 996911 Gen.4Porsche 911 Gen.4Germany, 1997 > 200435 versions
136 photos
was a bit of a let down and history has not dealt with it kindly, from its fried egg headlights to its increased footprint on the road.

911 CarreraPorsche 911 Carrera
220 cu in
272 hp @ 6100 rpm
166 mph
vsPorsche 911 Carrera 2
220 cu in
249 hp @ 6100 rpm
162 mph
911 Carrera 2

However, the 993 undoubtedly realised a high point for Porsche. It was the last of the air-cooled 911’s and great to look at too. For many people the 993 is what they want a 911 to look like: squat, purposeful and lithe with round headlamps.

The other aspect of the 993 that will endear it to people in years to come are the driving characteristics. I have already mentioned the wonderful flat-six air-cooled engine but not that it is attached to a ‘G50’ gearbox from Getrag, yes it was fitted to late 964’s but in the 993 it was nigh on perfect.

The 996 is a significantly more benign car to drive with the steering that was light and more creature comforts, however, all of a sudden it felt less like a sports car to many. It had taken a step towards being a GT and the bulging wallets of aging executives. That the 993 is more pure to Dr Ferdinand Porsche’s ethos is not in doubt.

911 CarreraPorsche 911 Carrera
220 cu in
272 hp @ 6100 rpm
166 mph
vsPorsche 911 Carrera
219 cu in
319 hp @ 6800 rpm
177 mph
911 Carrera

Anyway, back to the handling. The 993 felt like a traditional 911 for those who have lived through various generations of the car. The front end bobs around due to the weight at the rear leading you to commit under brakes to get the front end to turn in while the rear end acts like a pendulum, ready to catch you out at the first opportunity. All of that makes it sound horrific, but it wasn’t – it is the character of a 911 and what makes it so rewarding, in a way that today’s 991 is not, however good it might be.

The great news is that a good 993 can be bought for less than our imaginary budget of £25,000. No, it won’t be an RS911 Carrera RSPorsche 911 Carrera RSGermany, 1995 > present3 photos
model or a Turbo911 Turbo SPorsche 911 Turbo SGermany, 1998 > present2 photos
– those are worth far more, but it will be a very good Carrera 2 or 4 if you so wish.

So, if it was my money what would I buy? I’d have a Carrera 2911 CarreraPorsche 911 CarreraGermany, 1993 > 19981 photo
if it was me, without the whale tail spoiler that seems to have made it onto so many cars. I’d also keep it simple and go for a normal coupe. Coupe’s always age well and will be the best to drive too. The one I’d keep away from is the Targa, it is neither a convertible nor a hard top and it ends up feeling like a compromise as a result.

Plenty of these cars will have done reasonable mileages by now; after all they are the thick end of two decade old in many cases so expect them to have covered large distances. Therefore it is all down to the service history, the owner and the way it drives. Buy the nicest one you can and if it has been looked after properly then this is a car from an era in Germany where three figure mileages are not to be feared.


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911 Gen.3911 Gen.3
911 Carrera911 Carrera
Flat 6
220 cu in
Top Speed
171 mph
6, Manual
Maximum power
285 hp @ 6100 rpm
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
19.76 US MPG
annual ownership cost
$ 1.669




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