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Car Videos to Brighten Your Weekend: The Automotive Commercial Edition

Car Videos to Brighten Your Weekend: The Automotive Commercial Edition

This weekend is the Super Bowl in the US. It is the biggest television event of the year and means new, expensive commericals. To celebrate the event, this week's theme is cool car commercial of the past. This list is to conclusive. I just choose some videos that I particulary like. 

First up is Mercedes's Reincarnation ad that shows an old merc remembering its life.

This ad shows the Peugeot 205 GTi in a very James Bond-inspired short film. If you dig this commercial, here is the full 10 minute film that Peugeot made to advertise the 205 GTi. It cut up the film to make the commercials. 

Next up are two fantastic Volkswagen episodes. The first ends in a cliffhanger and a great ad for the Mk.IV Jetta VR6. 

And this one is the iconic Volkswagen Pink Moon ad. This commercial sold a lot of Nick Drake albums. 

This video actually aired during the Super Bowl. It is an ad for Garmin navigation systems and feature an awesome little Panhard. 

Next up are two Porsche commercials. The first shows a 944 Turbo with an awesome 80s voiceover. 

And this one shows a young boy with the dreams of every car enthusiast. 

Finally, I think this is the best car commercial ever made. It is for the Nissan 300ZX Twin-Turbo and was directed by Ridley Scott who also did the iconic Apple 1984 ad and the films Blade Runner and Alien. 

I hope you enjoyed the list. Keep in mind this is not meant to be a conclusive list. There are plenty more great auto ads out there. As always, please leave your thoughts in the comments. 


Great selection. I think out of all product, cars ahve better commercials. There are a few really good ones!
03.02.2012 @ 14:48
I find the Mercedes commercial a bit too depressing, but i understand the concept. But i really enjoyed the Volkswagen Pink Moon ad, why go to a party when you can drive all night underneath the moonl...
03.02.2012 @ 16:02
Really like the Garmin and the Porsche ones. The end of the 300ZX is very good also.
04.02.2012 @ 09:28


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