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Christopher Bruce2012-12-17 13:18:05

Car Ads Take 9 of 20 Slots in Most-Watched Youtube Ads of Year

Volkswagen Group takes three spots on the list

Volkswagen took three of the nine car-related places

Adweek magazine has collected its annual list of the most-watched ads of the year on Youtube. The list focuses only on advertisements to see what people are choosing to watch the most. This year eight of the videos are from automakers and one of the videos is for Hot Wheels toy cars. 

The VolkswagenVolkswagenVolkswagenGermany, 1938 > present98 models
9787 photos
31 videos
"The Bark Side" ad was third place. The ad shows a bunch of dogs barking the Star Wars Imperial March. It has had 17,814,676 views:

Honda'sHondaHondaJapan, 1948 > present102 models
2432 photos
10 videos
 "Matthew's Day Off" ad that spoofs "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was the fifth most-watched video. It has had 16,330,374 views:

The Volkswagen "The Dog Strikes Back" ad that shows a dog losing weight to chase cars was the sixth most-watched video with 16,166,285 views:

Chrysler'sChryslerChryslerUnited States of America, 1925 > present70 models
875 photos
1 video
"It's Halftime in America" ad grabbed the eighth spot with 11,318,560 views. The ad has Clint Eastwood talking about how America can come back:

Audi'sAudiAudiGermany, 1909 > present83 models
8302 photos
27 videos
 "Vampire Party" was the tenth most-watched video with 7,909,798 views. The video is kind of a spoof of the "Twilight" movies:

The eleventh most-watched video was Chevrolet'sChevroletChevroletUnited States of America, 1911 > present82 models
3567 photos
7 videos
"2012" ad that shows its trucks dealing with the end of the world. It had 7,679,840 views: 

ToyotaToyotaToyotaJapan, 1937 > present155 models
4668 photos
10 videos
had the 16th top ad. Its "It's Reinvented" ad advertised the CamryCamry 8  Toyota Camry 8 Japan, 2011 > present19 versions
31 photos
with attractive women, which seems to have worked for them. It had 4,907,862 views: 

Although not technically an ad for a car brand, it is certainly advertising the idea of the car. Hot Wheels "World Record: Corkscrew Jump" ad shows a car doing a corkscrew jump. It has had 4,684,521 views.

The final car ad on the list comes from FiatFiatFiatItaly, 1899 > present159 models
4916 photos
35 videos
for the Abarth 500500 (modern)Abarth 500 (modern)Italy, 2007 > present64 versions
156 photos
3 videos
with its "House Arrest" ad that shows Charlie Sheen driving an Abarth through his house. It had 4,301,950 views: 

The most-watched ad of the year was Nike Football's "My Time is Now" with 21,017,731 views: 

Source: Adweek





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