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Tim Booth2011-04-25 05:30:33

Buick reveal Envision concept in full at Shanghai

Buick reveal Envision concept in full at Shanghai

Buick has revealed its all new SUV concept, the Envision, at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. With a plethora of new technology from the manufacturer, as well as a plug-in hybrid system, the Envision is planned to influence forthcoming Buick SUV's.

The Envision takes design inspiration from traditional Chinese aesthetics, which can be seen in the LED headlamps and fog lights that surround the customary Buick ‘waterfall’ snout. Numerous sharp lines run from the front and rear into the body of the vehicle, which then meld into flowing curves in the middle around the scissor-doors. 22 inch doubled-layered aluminium alloy wheels and silicon sports tires round out the features of the ‘ice-peak silver’ exterior.  

Inside the Envision houses a ‘yin and yang’ colour scheme comprised of ‘galaxy-blue and sand-beach white Italian leather’. The flat floor is said the feel like the deck of a yacht, while ice-blue, ‘casual’ orange and ‘sportive’ red lighting create ambience to match the mood. A newly introduced tech feature for the Envision include a Bluetooth internet system that uses cloud servers to allow communication with other vehicles via cell phones or the OLED touch-screen interface on the Flex-touch central console or on the windshield. Another feature is the micro-cameras which replace traditional mirrors by relaying images to the dashboard for rear-view and blind spots.          

Powering the Envision is a 2.0 litre SIDI turbocharged engine and two electric motors that form part of GM’s PHEV plug-in hybrid system. The roof also acts as a solar energy source which provides additional electricity for a separate lithium battery, which in turn serves as another energy source for the main batteries. The drivetrain is all-wheel-drive which also allows torque output for each wheel to be adjusted at any time, while the carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium chassis sits on MRC electromagnetic suspension. Transmission is a dual automatic/manual eight-speed.    



Looks cool, but how those seat work, is beyond me.
25.04.2011 @ 15:09
Shades of Seat Ibiza on the design
26.04.2011 @ 13:23


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