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Chris Bruce2011-10-28 16:43:29

Brighten Your Weekend with Great Exhaust Notes and Fantastic Driving

Friday Car Videos

Last Friday, we did a post highlighting some fabulous automotive sounds. This week, we wanted to try again and include some other wonderful driving videos. This time some of them highlight great driving in addition to great sound. If you enjoy any them, please post a comment below. 

Just a few weeks ago from BMW Oktoberfest. BMW driver Bill Auberlen in a McLaren F1. Drives for the Rahal BMW Team in ALMS. Differential in speed is amazing between this car and the E30 and E36 M3s on the track.

Last week people wanted more Ferraris and I wanted to deliver. The 333SP was a fantastic, if under-utilized sports car. It would be fabulous to see Ferrari get back into this type of racing

An ad for Shell from a few years ago showing the evolution of Ferrari F1 cars. Fantastic sound.

Shell Ferrari F1 from sp on Vimeo.

This video does not have much in automotive sound, but it shows fantastic racing action. The song is cheesey as hell, though.

This blends great driving and great sound. It is a Peugeot rally car racing up Pike's Peak from 1990 with Ari Vatanen driving.

The Pagani Zonda is wonderful.

This is perhaps the greatest two laps of racing ever. Rene Arnoux and Gilles Vileneuve in the last laps of the 1979 French Grand Prix at Dijon-Prenois.

Rendevous is probably one of the greatest automotive films ever, but a lot of misinformation exsists about it. The short film was shot in 1976 at about 5:30am. The director, Claude Lelouch mounted a camera to the front of his Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 with the sound of a Ferrari 275GTB dubbed in. Lelouch drove the car himself. There was one spotter posted near the Louvre. His radio failed, and you can see the spotter warning Lelouch.


Great post, that Paul Rosche designed BMW V12 in the Mclaren is a masterpiece
29.10.2011 @ 10:43
Wow, the Arnoux/Villeneuve fight is really a moment of automotive sport anthology...
08.11.2011 @ 22:16


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