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Chris Bruce2011-10-28 16:26:34

BMW Updates Factory to Build New 3-series

BMW Updates Factory to Build New 3-series


The new 3-series has to succeed for BMW. The company has been doing well this year, but the 3-series makes up a bulk of its sales worldwide. To ensure that the next-generation 3-series is as good as it can be, BMW has upgraded its 700,000 square meter factory in Munich with a completely new body shop, new presses and new robots. 

BMW demolished its old body shop to build the new one that utilizes state-of-the-art welding robots. There about about twice as many welds on the new-generation 3-series compared to the previous one that has allowed BMW to cut the 3-series' weight by 45kg despite its larger size.

BMW also installed new robots that blow sound-deadening foam into the car. These new machines are more precise, and BMW says that the car is more quiet and comfortable than the previous model. 

While all of these innovations are great for producing a better 3-series, BMW has also ensured that they are also healthy for the environment. The production of the new 3-series generates almost no emissions or wastewater, according to BMW. It also has reduced non-recyclable waste even further.


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BMW 3 Series Gen.6 [F30/F31]BMW 3 Series Gen.6 [F30/F31]




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