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autoviva2011-03-30 11:32:08

BMW teases 3 Series in video

BMW teases 3 Series in video

BMW has just released a video, in teaser format, that shows the new generation 3 Series during tests in Death Valley, in California, USA. The new 3 Series is expected to debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, in September.

The video shows a fully camouflaged prototype of the new 3 Series. Thanks to the video it is possible to conclude that the new generation won’t be that different from the previous, at least in terms of size.

With the new 3 Series BMW will definitely be focusing in achieving a better fuel economy, but still without loosing its’ traditional performance flare. To do so, BMW is adapting to the new model smaller three cylinder supercharged engines, offering more power, but at the same time less consumption and emissions.

BMW will also be including in the new generation an eight-speed automatic transmission with double clutch and a further evolution of its energy recovery system, as part of the Efficient Dynamics concept.

So take a look at the video here and tell us what you think.

3 Series3 Series


Better get that V-8 as soon as possible. It'll be gone by the time anyone reads this.
30.03.2011 @ 17:20
What V8?
31.03.2011 @ 15:07
Well the M3. Today's M3 has a 4.4 liter V8 that produces 414 hp. I hear that the next M3 won't have the V-8, but a straight 6. It'll be a classic soon...
01.04.2011 @ 14:49
Ohhh, I see. Good point!
04.04.2011 @ 09:50


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