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autoviva2014-04-23 16:41:30

BMW previews new 7 Series in new concept

Vision Future Luxury concept was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show

In terms of design the Vision Future Luxury shows some similarities with the Gran Lusso Coupe concept

BMWBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8676 photos
43 videos
is already preparing ground for next year with the presentation of the Vision Future LuxuryVision Future LuxuryBMW Vision Future LuxuryGermany, 2014 > 201416 photos
concept at the Beijing Motor Show. The exterior and interior design, the carbon fiber construction and the lighting technology on the vehicle should become the base of the sixth generation of the 7 Series, set for launch in 2015.

According to the German brand the new prototype will work like a showcase for future models. Although many rumors were telling that the Vision Future Luxury might indicate BMW's intention of launching a new 9 Series flagship to its model range, the brand has reassured that this is a vehicle that indicates the direction to be taken in the development of the new 7 Series.

"The BMW Vision Future Luxury is the messenger of our philosophy of modern luxury," said Karim Habib BMW's Design Director. Habib added that the vehicle takes the concepts of the brand into a new phase.

In terms of design the Vision Future Luxury shows some similarities with the Gran Lusso CoupeGran Lusso CoupeBMW Gran Lusso CoupeGermany, 2013 > 201317 photos
concept, unveiled last year at the Concours d'Elegance Villa D'Este, although it features a more luxurious look, following the Series 77 SeriesBMW 7 SeriesGermany, 1977 > 20096 series
139 versions
238 photos
3 videos

The front design of the prototype includes a kidney shaped oversized grille and a very structured fascia with a narrow line of headlamps. The back features a look of elegance with a larger window with steeply sloping, a short trunk and rear lights with an unusual design. The side vents behind the front wheel arches and the line that follows the rear windows are some of the more conceptual design features of the vehicle.

The carbon fiber internal structure of the Vision Future Luxury is an innovative concept created by BMW to allow the front seats to form a load-bearing structure. This concept will be used in the future 7 Series that will receive panels of carbon fiber similar to those already used in the i-brand models. This will help reduce the weight of the vehicle, while improving its efficiency.

Both sets of doors of the new concept don't have columns, however, while the front doors open in the conventional way, the rear doors open to the back, while making it easr to enter and exit the rear area which includes two individual seats.

The interior of the Vision Future Luxury has a large conceptual component. However, BMW claims that some details of the three-dimensional graphism and configuration, including the center console and the materials used will be present in future models, including the Series 7.

Through the new concept BMW is also implying that the high-end technology of laser headlights and OLED will be included in the new generation of the 7 Series.

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