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Christopher Bruce2013-10-16 13:59:31

BMW Brings Out New M Performance Parts for M5 and M6

The biggest additions are the titanium exhaust and ceramic brake kit

The M Performance parts are available for the M5 and M6

The BMWBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8676 photos
43 videos
M5M5BMW M5Germany, 2012 > 200028 photos
1 video
and M6M6BMW M6Germany, 2012 > present12 photos
are already among the best cars in their respective classes, but BMW is giving them a bit more with the new suite of M Performance accessories that are inspired from BMW’s racing prowess.

The parts include the M Performance exhaust developed by M GmbH. It is made completely from titanium and is available for the M5 and all variants of the M6. Titanium is a difficult material to work with because it does not bend well. Instead each bend had to be added by welding in a new piece of titanium. However, it is much more heat and corrosion resistant than traditional steel exhausts, and it weighs 10kg (22.05lb) less than the standard exhaust system in the cars. They are punctuated by perforated tailpipes exiting the car for a unique look.

The other big performance upgrade is the M carbon-ceramic brake kit. It adds carbon fiber composite ceramic brake discs with higher heat resistance and lower weight. The discs are 410mm in the front with six-piston fixed calipers and 396mm in the rear with single-piston floating calipers. It also comes with the 20in M wheels.  The entire kit sheds 19.4kg (42.77lb) over the standard components

M Performance is also offering a carbon fiber rear spoiler, carbon fiber rear diffuser, carbon fiber mirror caps and gloss black front grill for the cars

Buyers can also order the M Performance body stripes that add the blue, red and purple stripe that appear on M racecars.

The interior of the car can also get the M Performance treatment with an Alcantara leather steering wheel with digital race display. The top of the steering wheel displays shift lights, lateral and longitudinal g-forces and lap times.

Other interior upgrades include a range of carbon fiber trim around the car and stainless steel pedal covers.

The M Performance upgrades have no effect on the cars’ warranty.

5 Series5 Series
5 Series Gen.6 [F10]5 Series Gen.6 [F10]
V 8 (90º vee)
268 cu in
Top Speed
155 mph
7, Manual
Maximum power
560 hp @ 7000 rpm
Saloon (sedan)
Fuel consumption (combined)
23.76 US MPG
$ 118.982
* based on United Kingdom prices
annual ownership cost
$ 2.389




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