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autoviva2009-10-22 19:32:53

Automobile Manufacturers sign Letter of Understanding: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Thousands of electric vehicles with fuel cell are expected to be on the roads by 2015

Automobile Manufacturers sign Letter of Understanding Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

According to Daimler AG’s announcement on September 9th, the world leading car companies in fuel cell technology development have published a Letter of Understanding in which they jointly state a vow to widen the production and marketing of fuel cell powered electric vehicles. The car manufacturers that signed this Letter, renowned for their long-lasting experience on this technology’s development, are Daimler, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and the GM/Opel and Renault/Nissan alliances.

The purpose of such joint vow is to respond to the ever increasing road traffic and growing individual possession of cars, which make up for an extremely high level of CO2 emissions. As to avoid the escalating car pollution, the development of low- and zero-emission vehicles will be the priority for the above-mentioned carmakers. Fuel cell electric vehicles are expected to be strongly entered in the car market from 2015 on.

Each of the signing companies will set its own particular production and marketing dates and strategies, which means you can find fuel cell electric cars on the market sooner than expected. However, the expected numbers for 2015 are in the order of some hundred thousand fuel cell vehicles being marketed worldwide.

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alexis silva
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