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Audi Testing Wireless Paid Parking System in Ingolstadt

There are 13,000 drivers in the pilot program

Audi Employees in Ingolstadt will make up the testers

AudiAudiAudiGermany, 1909 > present83 models
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has begun a 13,000-car test in its home city of Ingolstadt to work on its wireless paid parking system. It calls the system “Audi connect wireless payment.” The goal is for the system to eventually be included as part of Audi's connect service. 

The parking spaces are embedded with RFID tags that the system recognizes. The driver has to pre-register online to link their car's ID to their account, but afterwards the user's account will be billed automatically when they park. There is no wasted time looking for a parking ticket machine or change to fill the meter. The owner's account is charged until the car leaves the space. A bill comes every month. 

The test is being operated in conjunction with the Ingolstadt Economic Development Agency, which operates nine parking lots with a total of 6,200 spaces in Ingolstadt. 

All of the testers are Audi employees who lease cars with the company. 





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