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Chris Bruce2011-11-11 13:40:28

Audi Prepares Calendar Showing Classic Models Around the World

Audi Prepares Calendar Showing Classic Models Around the World

Audi has a deep automotive history mostly because identifying one entitiy as Audi is difficult. It started as its own company briefly in the early 20s, then merged to form Auto Union. In 1969, Auto Union merged with NSU, and the company finally regained the Audi name.

To celebrate this long and complicated history, Audi is selling a 2012 calendar showing its cars in 13 countries all over the world. The models in the calendar cover 100 years of Audi history including models from Horch, DKW and NSU. 

The images include the last Horch ever made, a 830 model from 1953, only one was ever made, and it was found in a scrap yard in San Angelo, Texas. Another image shows a group of DKWs in Rio de Janeiro that were made in Brazil and never exported from there. 

The calendar costs €29.90 and can be purchased from either the Audi Musuem store or online at


Lets wait and see...
11.11.2011 @ 16:28
Nice initiative, beside the fact that it is not free ;-) I also like from where the Audi name comes from. Horch was not able to use his own name anymore after being kicked out from his company, so whe...
11.11.2011 @ 21:09


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