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Christopher Bruce2012-08-03 13:15:14

Arrinera Gives Its Super Car the Name Hussarya

The Hussarya is the world's first Polish super car

Arrinera AutomotiveArrinera AutomotiveArrinera AutomotivePoland, 2010 > present1 model
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has officially announced the name of its super car - the Hussarya. The Polish company says that the name comes from the Hussars, the famous Polish cavalry unit. 

Arrinera began planning the Hussarya in 2008 and took 14 months to hone a design for the car at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Compared to the prototype, the production version has more ground clearance and more interior room. However, the dimensions are the same from the prototype. Arrinera says that the exterior design is meant to maximize aerodynamics. The car is made up of intersecting lines to indicate constant movement. It also has pop-up spoilers that deploy above 150km/h to slow the car down. 

"The word Arrinera is derived from Basque and Italian, which in direct translation means  - ‘truly streamlined," said Lukasz Tomkiewicz, Arrinera CEO.

Arrinera will build a special 33 Series edition of the Hussarya with higher quality trim for the interior and exterior. 

The cars will be built at the SILS Centre in Gliwice, Poland. The first cars will go on sale at the end of 2013. Arrinera is the first Polish supercar maker. The idea, money and most of the design work have all come from Poland. Additional chassis work has come from Lee Noble.

Arrinera AutomotiveArrinera Automotive




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