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autoviva2014-03-06 10:33:18

Alfieri concept previews future Maserati model

Maserati Alfieri has been conceived to compete with the Jaguar F-Type and the Porsche 911

Alfieri concept indicates future design of the Italian brand

MaseratiMaseratiMaseratiItaly, 1914 > present62 models
735 photos
7 videos
is getting ready to launch a model to compete directly with the Jaguar F -TypeF-Type (modern) Gen.1Jaguar F-Type (modern) Gen.1United Kingdom, 2012 > present34 versions
104 photos
3 videos
and the Porsche 911911Porsche 911Germany, 1963 > present6 series
327 versions
1068 photos
10 videos
. The Italian brand has just unveiled in Geneva a concept that will be the base of the new model, the Maserati AlfieriAlfieriMaserati AlfieriItaly, 2014 > 20147 photos

"This is the future of our design and our tribute to our history. We are now considering it can come to be produced and complement our line-up. Imagine the possibilities to build and sell this car," said the Executive Director of Maserati Harald Wester.

Named after one of the founders of the brand, Alfieri Maserati, the new model can be seen as a substitute of the GranturismoGranTurismoMaserati GranTurismoItaly, 2007 > present21 versions
66 photos
2 videos
. The Italian brand states that the car was inspired on the Maserati A6GCSA6 GCSMaserati A6 GCSItaly, 1947 > present7 photos
road and racing cars of 1954, without being faced as a nostalgic or retrospective concept.

The Alfieri is based on 240mm shorter version of the Granturismo MC StradaleGranTurismo MC StradaleMaserati GranTurismo MC S...Italy, 2013 > present2 photos
chassis. The vehicle is 4590mm long, 1930mm wide and 1280mm high and was developed to have a kerb weight lower than 1400kg.

The concept is packed with the same engine as the Granturismo, a V8 4.7-liter with 460hp and 520Nm of torque. The engine is combined with a semi-automatic MC Shift with a limited slip differential. According to Maserati, the vehicle has an optimized weight distribution with a slight rear bias and in addition receives carbon ceramic brakes and Brembo calipers. The dynamics of the car is complemented with exclusive 20 and 21 inches wheels inspired by the classic wheel design of the 50s.

The inside the 2+2 coupé was influenced by the GT 5000, being built around a central screen. The instrument panel has two digital gauges. The floor has a finish with a rusty steel material similar to what was used on racing cars of the 50s.





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