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autoviva2012-11-23 12:19:21

Advice: Be aware of the darkness

As we turn our clocks back one hour, this is the sign that winter time has finally arrived and along with it the short days and long dark nights. When the sunlight makes itself scarce, divers have to turn on the headlights instead. With the twilight and darkness, new dangers roam the streets and we have to be on the watchout behind our steering wheels.

To remind you of the most important risks of driving in the dark, Autoviva compiled a list of advice that will help you to get safely through the winter.

Keep your lights and windscreen clean

The darkness will compromise your visibility in the coming months, so make sure your headlights as well as the windscreen are always clean and won't make things worse than they are.

Dip your lights

If the street ahead is empty, switch on the main beam to increase visibility. But dip the lights as soon as another car is approaching, otherwise you will dazzle the oncoming traffic.

Stopping distance

Adjust your speed according to how far you can see. You have to be able to stop your car within the distance that you see.

Tired? Take a break!

Driving in the dark is tiring. So if you feel sleepy, pull over for a break. Take a 20 minutes nap, just a coffee won't be enough.

Avoid being dazzled

If an approaching car forgets to dip its lights, look beyond the lights, but to their left to avoid being dazzled as much.

Traffic ahead

Analyze carefully what is happening in the traffic ahead and adjust your speed accordingly. There might be unexpected problems coming up that you can not see yet.

Gloomy mornings

Not just at night, also in the morning the sun will take a while to light up your path. So don't forget to turn on the headlights when pulling off your driveway and heading to work!


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