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autoviva2010-02-08 09:50:46

‘Alternatively fuelled vehicles’ sales grow in the UK

‘Alternatively fuelled vehicles’ sales grow in the UK

The United Kingdom has seen the growth of the sales of ‘alternatively fuelled vehicles’. In January, comparing with the same month last year, sales have risen 165.5 per cent, according to the numbers presented by Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).


In terms of percentage of market the ‘alternatively fuelled vehicles’ have risen from 0.6 in January 2009 to 1.3 in 2010, with the society thinking that this increase is a reflection of the ‘revised model offerings’ of many carmaker.


The sale of petrol-hybrid models such as Toyota Prius and Honda Insight is responsible for much of this growth. In fact 1796 petrol-hybrid vehicles were bought in January of this year. Compared with the 662 accounted last year, makes an increase of 171 per cent.


Other types of vehicles also saw their sales rise. For example petrol-alcohol vehicles such as those running on E85 accounted for 33 vehicles sales compared to 12 in the first month of 2009. Sales of electric cars remain the same, with seven vehicles sold.





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