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Chris Bruce2012-01-27 21:52:51

Car Videos to Brighten Your Weekend: The Forgotten Italians Edition

Car Videos to Brighten Your Weekend: The Forgotten Italians Edition

Every Friday we do a post on Autoviva showing some car videos that we like. This week's theme is slightly forgotten Italian cars. No one is going to say that the world has forgot the Ferrari F40, but you might be able to say that about the F50 and certainly the Bizzarrini Strada GT 5300 or Lamborghini Uracco. 

Our first video shows some footage of the Lancia Stratos rally car. These tiny cars used the V6 Ferrari Dino engine.

Our next video shows vintage footage of another Lancia. The Lancia Delta Integerale dominated rallying in its day


Third, we have one last Lancia video. This time of the Fulvia. These little cars had a 1300cc engine and were front-wheel drive. 

An Alfa Romeo 155 DTM car. 

Next up is a car that you do not hear much about, the Lamborghini Uracco. This video is from the Red Bull Ring, formerly the A1 Ring, in the Austrian Alps. It is a classic example of a beautiful car in a beautiful setting. 

The quality of this video is not the best, but it is worth it to see a car that many people have no idea exist, the Bizzarrini Strada GT. Giotto Bizzarrini worked for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Lamborghini during his career. This car used a Chevy Small-Block with 365hp. 

Check out the first 10 seconds of this video for a low speed spin by a Ferrari 355 Challenge. 

This video is a great technical look at the Ferrari F40 with the great sounds too. 

Finally, we have an on-board video of a Ferrari F50 at Suzuka. 

As always, let us know what you think in the comments. 




Wow, what was this Stratos meeting??? A lot of them are there.
05.02.2012 @ 14:33
authomobilia And this is a Lancia Fulvia HF I also saw in Italy.
05.02.2012 @ 14:36


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