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Chris Bruce2012-01-25 18:50:32

BMW Plans i5 MPV as Prius V Competitor

BMW Plans i5 MPV as Prius V Competitor

It looks like BMW wants to take on Toyota. Although we have not seen any actual pictures yet, rumors are circulating that BMW is developing an i5 mini-MPV that would be designed to take on the Prius V (Prius+ in Europe). 

German auto magazine Autobild first reported the story that BMW is planning the i5 to slot between the i3 city car and i8 sports car in its new i-series lineup. It speculates that the vehicle would have the same 170ps electric motor as the i3. Although, it also speculates that the i5 would not cost less than €50,000. A price for the Prius+ has not yet been announced in Europe, but in the US its base price is €20,700; so the i5 would be significantly more. 

Source: Autobild



But the BMW i series are pure electric, while the Prius is an Hybrid. I am not so sure they will be competing against each other.
26.01.2012 @ 06:27
the BMWi vehicles are pure electric, but they will offer options with range extender engines
26.01.2012 @ 12:38
Right, according to BMW, the i8 will come standard with a 90hp, inline three-cylinder engine to be used as a generator for the electric motor. It will be an option on the i3 but available.
26.01.2012 @ 16:56
Thanks, I did not know that. I should have, as I saw the i3 and i8 in the Brussels car show last week...
26.01.2012 @ 22:35


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