Ethanol can be extracted from the most common crops one can think of, like corn, sugar cane, potatoes or manioc. The ethanol results either from the fermentation of these crops’ sugar or by hydration of the ethylene that’s extracted from petroleum and other sources. Ethanol’s main interest is the production of bioethanol, which can simple be extracted from the agricultural stocks. Bioethanol is a renewable energy source that is able to replace petroleum and general non-renewable fossil fuels in vehicles and has, therefore, received a great amount of attention.
In many countries, ethanol is being blended in order to create gasohol fuel. It is also widely used as a gasoline oxygenator, which results from the fact that the majority of modern gasoline engines accept and work with a maximum 10% portion of ethanol. The United States and Brazil are the world’s main producers of ethanol fuel: these countries generated 89% of 2008’s worldwide ethanol production.


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