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autoviva2015-09-11 16:27:11

Toyota reveals first images of the new Prius

Fourth generation modelo will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Toyota has clearly been inspired by the fuel cell model Mirai, to create the new Prius design
ToyotaToyotaToyotaJapan, 1937 > present155 models
4672 photos
10 videos
unveiled the first official images of the fourth generation of the PriusPriusToyota PriusJapan, 1997 > present4 series
64 versions
149 photos
2 videos
, a preview of the presentation of the model which will take place next week at the Frankurt Motor Show. Data on the performance of the new hybrid still remains under the wraps.
Toyota has clearly been inspired by the fuel cell model MiraiMiraiToyota MiraiJapan, 2014 > present3 photos
, to create the new Prius design. The new generation is the first model of the Japanese brand to adopt the TNGA platform (Toyota New Global Architecture), a set of modular components that is designed to accelerate the development of new products as well as save costs and increase margins across the range.
The Japanese brand says that thanks to the new platform the handling response and agility of the new Prius will be improved, taking into account a lower center of gravity than the previous model.
In terms of the new Prius design gets a more dramatic design mainly thanks to the headlights and front bumpers. The profile of the new generation seems to have a "floating roof" with the introduction of the C-pillar in black. The rear is clearly inspired by the Mirai with large rear lights and the spoiler integrated into the rear windshield.
Although any technical data is yet to be announced on the new generation we can see that the Prius is apparently slightly longer than before. Possibly the powertrain fitted in the model will be an upgraded version of the current system consisting of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. The energy will be stored in a more compact hybrid nickel battery which can be charged faster.
Prius Gen.4Prius Gen.4


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