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Christopher Bruce2013-12-20 17:02:07

Top Gear Guys Select Their Favorite Cars of 2013

Their Car of the Year is quite a surprise

Clarkson selected the McLaren P1 as his car of the year

The hosts of Top Gear have selected their favorite cars of the year and their overall Car of the Year. While their personal favorite cars are all super cars that most people will never get the chance to drive, the Top Gear Car of the Year is actually affordable. It is a nice surprise. 

Jeremy Clarkson's Car of the Year

Clarkson selected the McLaren P1 as his car of the year. 

He calls the car "the change of direction that will take us at 217mph to a bright new future..."

It is big words for a company as small as McLaren. 

James May's Car of the Year

May selected the Ferrari 458 Speciale as his car of the year. 

He describes the car as if Ferrari went over the 458 and sharpened every bit of it. 

It was also Top Gear's Supercar of the Year.

Richard Hammond's Car of the Year

Hammond selected the latest Porsche 911 GT3 as his car of the year.

He says that it "takes the genius of the 911 and turns it up to 11." 

Racecar of the Year

Top Gear selected the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak as its racecar of the year.

The car took the chassis of Peugeot's Le Mans prototype and mounted a 208 body and giant wing onto it, plus an 875hp turbocharged engine. 

It set a new record time up Pikes Peak.

Car of the Year

Top Gear selected the Ford Fiesta ST as its Car of the Year and Hot Hatch of the Year.

They describe it as the perfect everyday, fun car. It's fast but safe, priced right and available as a five-door for the family driver. 

It does it all, and does it well at that.

Source: Top Gear


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