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Christopher Bruce2014-01-09 14:53:52

Porsche Sets Sales Record in 2013 and Predicts More Growth

The Macan is predicted to sell 50,000 cars a year

The Cayenne was the bestselling Porsche in 2013

PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4654 photos
29 videos
sales reached record levels in 2013 with 162,145 sales, up 15%. It is the first time that Porsche has ever sold over 162,000 cars in a calendar year.

“We are looking ahead to the coming months with optimism and are anticipating new growth with the Porsche MacanMacan Gen.1 [95B]Porsche Macan Gen.1 [95B]Germany, 2013 > present7 versions
21 photos
and 911911 Gen.6 [991 Series]Porsche 911 Gen.6 [991 Series]Germany, 2011 > present110 versions
318 photos
3 videos
Targa models,” said Bernhard Maier, head of sales and marketing at Porsche.

The Asia-Pacific region was Porsche’s largest regional market in 2013 with 61,534 cars, up 20.3%. Of those sales, 37,425 cars went to China, up 19.9%.

Europe was Porsche’s second largest region with 51,049 cars, up 4.4%. Of those, 20,638 were sold in Germany, up 17.8%.

North America took 49,562 cars in 2013, up 20.7%. Of those sales, 42,323 cars went to the United States, up 20.8%, which makes it Porsche’s largest single market worldwide.

Maier predicts that the United States will bow to China as Porsche’s largest single market in 2014 or 2015 at the latest.

The CayenneCayenne Gen.2Porsche Cayenne Gen.2Germany, 2010 > 201729 versions
87 photos
2 videos
was Porsche’s bestselling model with 84,000 units sold.

However, Maier predicts that the Macan will be a major seller in 2015 with a predicted 50,000 cars a year. It will launch in Europe in April 2014 and launch in the US and China in August 2014.

“We are positioning the Macan at the very top of the compact SUV segment and we are extremely confident. This segment has had tremendous growth and is expected to be fastest-growing segment globally in future,” said Maier.

Porsche’s goal is to sell 200,000 cars a year by 2018.

Source: Automotive News Europe


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