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autoviva2014-02-04 15:31:24

Nissan Leaf's sales reach 100.000

The world's first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle has seen its sales grow over the years

Nissan Leaf has been on sale since December 2010

In 2010 Nissan became the first brand to market a mass-produced zero emissions vehicle. The Leaf success wasn't as fast as initially expected, however after four years in the market it has reached the 100.000 units milestone and its sales worldwide are continuing to grow. The 100.000th Leaf was delivered in the UK. The Leaf currently has a 45% share of the worldwide eletric car market.

The Leaf is currently available to customers in 35 countries on four continents. Since its launch in December 2010 Nissan has seen the pace of sales increase consistently and 2013 was a record year. For the first time ever the Nissan Leaf managed to top the sales charts in Norway, out-selling conventional gasoline powered vehicles in October 2013.

Most people opting to buy the Nissan Leaf are mostly interest in its running costs. Garrett Garner, customer 100.000th explains that the “Nissan LEAF is perfect for everyday commuting, and there is no problem with charging it. It is ideal for the family as it is quiet and not tiring even on longer journeys, because there is no vibration. Above all, it is a fun to drive car!"

Nissan developed the Nissan Leaf to realize its corporate vision of Zero Emissions, new forms of mobility that are safe, fun and environmentally friendly. Nissan's research into on-board lithium-ion battery technology began in 1992. The Nissan Leaf offers powerful acceleration, quiet operation, energy efficiency and low cost of maintenance.

Nissan is continuing to innovate in electric vehicles and is determined to maintain its dominant leadership position in the market. The company is working with governments and corporations to further expand the infrastructure of charging stations to encourage the take-up of EVs. Nissan believes that now with over 100,000 Nissan LEAF EVs on the road throughout the world, it has access to invaluable market experience that can be utilized to further promote and enhance the future of EVs.

Leaf TeknaLeaf Tekna
Battery Type
Top Speed
89 mph
1, Automatic
Maximum power
$ 53.973
* based on Portugal prices
annual ownership cost

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