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autoviva2010-10-26 13:40:10

Nissan launches Fuga Hybrid

Nissan launches Fuga Hybrid

Nissan has revealed its most recent hybrid vehicle, the Fuga Hybrid that will reach Nissan’s Japanese dealerships on November 2nd.

Having been acclaimed by customers for its beautiful dynamic design, spacious and comfortable interior, advanced performance and safety technologies, and its responsive driving experience since its launch in 2009, the luxury sedan now becomes the latest entrance to the hybrid family.

The new Fuga Hybrid wil be powered by Nissan’s original one-motor two-clutch parallel hybrid system named 'Intelligent Dual Clutch Control,' which combines a number of advanced environmental technologies.

Thanks to the technology featured on the Fuga, it achieves fuel economy of 19.0 km/L, a number that can be compared to the one from a compact car.

The 'Intelligent Dual Clutch Control' system featuring on the Fuga Hybrid connects the electric motor and the 3.5-liter VQ35HR V6 engine directly to the transmission, without the use of a traditional torque converter. This simple, highly efficient and lightweight hybrid system contributes to fuel efficiency.

The Fuga Hybrid can run on electric power mode but in comparison to traditional hybrid systems, the electric motor driving range is expanded for high-speed driving (up to over 100km/h on a level highway).

The compact, high-output lithium-ion battery is able to charge/discharge quickly contributing to high-speed, precise control of the electric motor and optimum clutch control.

The Fuga Hybrid's 3.5-liter VQ35HR engine is fitted with a new electronic 7-speed hybrid transmission with manual shift mode which, according to Nissan, provides smooth and sustained acceleration.

The sport performance feel on the Fuga Hybrid is also enhanced by the double-piston shock absorbers, and the first-ever application of both the advanced Electro-hydraulic Power Steering system and Electric Driven Intelligent Brake system. According to Nissan these two systems provide both high quality riding comfort and thrilling driving.

The new Nissan Fuga Hybrid is the third in the series of 'PURE DRIVE' vehicles to be introduced in Japan.

Fuga HybridFuga Hybrid




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