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autoviva2016-09-01 12:41:17

New Citroën Cxperience concept going to Paris

Concept showcases how the current design of smaller cars can be used in a executive saloon

The Citroën Cxperience is powered by a 150 to 200hp petrol engine with and extra 80 kW of energy provided from the electric motor

CitroënCitroënCitroënFrance, 1919 > present94 models
5346 photos
11 videos
will be showing at next month's Paris Motor Show a new executive saloon concept, called CxperienceCxperienceCitroën CxperienceFrance, 2016 > 2016. The plug-in hybrid petrol-electric vehicle showcases the brand’s Advanced Comfort programme and a lot of interior technology.

According to the French brand the concept serves to show how future Citroën models may be styled on the inside. It also serves as a demonstration of how the design used in smaller cars such as the C4 CactusC4 CactusCitroën C4 CactusFrance, 2014 > 201441 versions
53 photos
and new C3 can be put into use in larger models.
With a very fluid shape and short overhangs, the cxperience is 4.85m long, 2m wide, 1.37m high and has a 3m wheelbase. It features 22in wheels with a five-spoke design. In terms of exterior design the highlights go to the adjustable air intakes on the front bumper, an aerodynamic concave rear window and rear-hinged doors which make it easier for passengers to enter the Cxperience cabin.
The concept's interior features a 19in rectangular display where the driver can control all the vehicle functions. It also includes a split-screen mode which allows a passenger to watch a film on two-thirds of the screen while the driver uses the rest for navigation.
The exterior mirrors have been replaced by door-mounted cameras which send pictures to small digital screens on the inner door panels. The driver also gets a 360deg view around the car. Debuted on the C3 the concept also features the ConnectedCAM camera which records the road ahead.
Thanks to the Advanced Comfort programme Citroën made an overhaul of the brand’s suspension system, while also focusing on filtering out external noise and vibration and improving seat comfort with the use of different materials.
The Citroën Cxperience is powered by a 150 to 200hp petrol engine with and extra 80 kW of energy provided from the electric motor. It can be driven in all-electric mode in the city with a range of 60 km. The combined output rises to 300hp. The concept uses an eight-speed automatic gearbox mounted transversely between the petrol engine and electric motor.
Top Speed
8, Automatic
Maximum power
200 hp
Saloon (sedan)
Petrol / Electric
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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