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For 100th Anniversary of Assembly Line Ford Announces New Production Plan

By 2017, 90% of factories will build average of four models per line

In 1913, Ford began producing cars on the moving assembly line


The FordFordFordUnited States of America, 1903 > present92 models
2549 photos
11 videos
assembly line started in 1913 at the Highland Park, Michigan factory. Henry Ford did not invent the idea of the car or the moving assembly line, but he combined the two ideas together with his own design to create one of the first cars that was accessible widely to the middle class. The Ford assembly line started in 1913 at the Highland Park, Michigan factory. It broke the Model T’sModel TFord Model TUnited States of America, 1908 > 19205 versions
41 photos
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3,000 parts into 84 assembly steps and allowed a car to be completed every 90 minutes. That reduced the car’s cost from $850 to $300. Ford's next step is what it believes is the next evolution of the assembly line that will be incorporated into all factories by 2017.

“One hundred years ago, my great-grandfather had a vision to build safe and efficient transportation for everyone,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “I am proud he was able to bring the freedom of mobility to millions by making cars affordable to families and that his vision of serving people still drives everything we do today.”

By 2017, it wants all of its assembly lines around the world to produce on average four models. It says that it is its largest change in manufacturing in 50 years.

In addition to building an average of four models on each assembly line, 90% of its worldwide factories will be running three working shifts a day by 2017. That will increase production by over 30%.

To make this work, Ford will develop nine global platforms to be used by the majority of its models. Today, it builds cars on 15 platforms, but some of these are regional, like the one used for its pickup trucks.

Between now and 2017, Ford will have opened eight new assembly plants and six new powertrain factories worldwide.

The Model T assembly line allowed Ford to build 15 million cars by 1927 and gave it a 50% global market share, a feat unlikely for an automaker to every achieve again. 





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